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Hiking is the preferred term, in Canada and the United States, for a long, vigorous walk, usually on trails. The word hiking is also often used in the UK, along with rambling (a slightly old-fashioned term)

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Alpine Mountains

Alps, a small segment of a discontinuous mountain chain that stretches from the Atlas Mountains of North Africa across southern Europe and Asia to beyond the Himalayas.

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What to see in Glasgow, Scotland

Modern and lively, elegant and stimulating, Glasgow is a large city in Scotland and today considered a real tourist and cultural hub that is trying, especially in recent years, to enhance its art, focusing on architecture and design enthusiasts.

10 original campsites in Quebec

Quebec is full of magnificent natural landscapes and inspiring national parks, which is why camping is a way of life for many. To energize these outdoor trips, here are 10 places to camp that are out of the ordinary!

9 essential cities for an outdoor adventure

If you want an adventure vacation but do not have time to spend months with your backpack on your back, do not despair because there is still hope. In one or two weeks it is possible to visit some incredible natural places, all you need is a city next to nature. And there are many to choose from.

8 fantastic outdoor adventures for your trip to Cuba

The tasty climate of Cuba lends itself to activities of all kinds, from live concerts, the beach. To excursions and other things. The natural riches and the beautiful cities will allow you to do almost everything on your vacation.

10 free things to do in Berlin, the vibrant German capital

Berlin celebrates the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Wall with a week full of events of all kinds. It is one of the best times to visit the German capital, which continues to seduce with its creativity, culture, and cosmopolitanism, and the best part is that it is surprisingly affordable.

Tips for traveling by van, a great way to travel on your own

Traveling has always been synonymous with freedom and discovery, a fact especially true in the case of road travel. For millions of users around the world, the campervan, the van, is the definitive companion on this journey, but it is also a symbol of freedom. It is not a mere vehicle; it’s a way of life and a personalized passport to the open road, whether it’s for a night, a weekend, several months, or even years.

Curiosities of our planet

What is the heaviest fish in the world called? And how many emails are sent per year in the world? Who left a lot of things on the moon, including three golf balls? These are some of the curiosities of our planet that can be discovered by traveling through a book.

Places to travel with children

The planet is full of wonderful corners for children to begin to experience the pleasure of traveling. What place to choose?  They can be European destinations or more distant routes, but the goal is for everyone, young and old, to enjoy each other in their own way. These are some places to travel with children.