What are the best travel guides?

travel guides for travelers

What are the best travel guides?

To clear your head, nothing like a few days or weeks of vacation in an exotic destination. But to make the most of it, you must organize your stay well. The best allies to achieve this goal are travel guides.

he popularity of this format is the ability to modernize that they have had over the years to offer interactive maps, formats that are increasingly compact and easy to transport; and even particularly unusual activities to attract the more adventurous travelers. Without further ado, here we mention the best travel guides.

The Most Preferred Travel Guides

Whether in a digital version to read on a tablet or smartphone, printed in a publishing house for those who prefer to read on paper, or just a few chapters of interest, here we will tell you which are the best guides for individual, cultural, specialized trips, etc.

National Geographic Guide

National Geographic travel guides

Don’t miss your next trip without first choosing a National Geographic guide to prepare your vacation. This guide promises to be very useful during your travels thanks to its complete cultural information.

It also offers hundreds of highly accurate drawings and illustrations to help you find a location easily. And as if that were not enough, it is associated with the TripAdvisor site, which allows it to offer many recommendations for cities, restaurants, and tourist sites, with very complete addresses.

Lonely Planet

So you don’t miss any details of your destination on your next trip, the Lonely Planet guide is perfect. It is the most popular among the travel guides of backpackers for its informal tone and because it offers tours for small budgets. But it also meets the expectations of those looking for great comfort.

Aside from the pretty rich content, the form is equally nice. It is relatively large, has many images, and the practical information is very well presented; as well as detailed maps and suggested routes.

Routard Globetrotter Guide

If what you need are clear and detailed maps, the Routard Globetrotter guide is an excellent option for your travels. It is one of the oldest tourist guides on the market and covers more than 240 destinations.

It’s ideal for those traveling on the road, backpacking, or following low-cost trends. This guide is full of tips for saving, but also for experiencing the local culture and embarking on real adventures.

In addition to ideas for tours and explanations of the different monuments, in this guide, you will find suggestions for hotels, restaurants, bars, and even nightclubs, for all budgets! In addition to all this practical information, you will also find a lexicon to communicate with local populations.

This guide is available in hard copy and also on the web if you don’t want to carry the book, although it is in an easy-to-follow format.

Michelin Green Guide

The Michelin Green Guide is architecture and gastronomy, the art of living, eating, and sleeping when you are traveling. Therefore, it is a guide at a fairly high level of comfort, which in many cases is not suitable for a backpacking trip.

Michelin offers thousands of trips around the world with tourist circuits, as well as practical information on local news. In addition, it has camping guides that are very practical, but it stops less on the descriptions of the sites or the stories.

In this prestigious tourist guide, the places to visit are classified with their famous stars, thanks to which you can organize your trip according to your budget availability.

Freytag & Berndt

If you are a cyclist, you can go on an outdoor adventure with the help of Freytag & Berndt guides who provide you with an atlas of Eastern European roads.

This guide offers explanations in several languages and is particularly rich in regards to the countries of Europe and Central or Eastern Europe, but less so for the countries of America or Africa.

Blue Guide

If you enjoy the guided tours that explain all the details and background of the sites. Taking a Blue Guide with you will be like having a personalized guide. Art, architecture, and archeology are filtered through these books with more than a century of history that includes detailed maps of museums and historical attractions. You will want to read them even if you don’t travel.

Rough Guides

This is the perfect guide if you are looking for the artistic-cultural side and fun in the same country during your travels. The Rough Guides are full of photos and for each neighborhood, they have small maps that allow you to orient yourself and find all the points of interest that you cannot miss.

Although it does not have many images, you can appreciate the order and the excellent itinerary proposals. The only drawback is that it is in English, if this is not a problem for you, this will be an excellent guide for your travels.

Le Petit Futé

This tourist guide has more than 800 titles in its collection of trips abroad to discover. As the name suggests, the Petit Futé guides aim to give you astute. And dynamic proposals that include the best places in a destination. That you should not miss and even those that have nothing to do with the beaten track.

In addition to the places to visit, cultural information, gastronomy, etc. Here you will find information on means of transport and entry permits to each country, among other information of interest.

Bradt Travel Guides

This guide not only proposes a more sustainable and relaxed way of traveling. But also invites you to delve into the cultural aspects of each place. And explain them in a comprehensive way so that you can adapt as best and as quickly as possible.

The key to its success is that these guides have been written by people who live in the tourist town to visit. And therefore, they delve into all the details based on their experiences.

Although this guide was originally intended for British travelers venturing into Europe. It has now spread across the world and those dedicated to Africa are especially noteworthy in top travel guides.

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