8 fantastic outdoor adventures for your trip to Cuba

fantastic outdoor adventures for your trip to Cuba

8 fantastic outdoor adventures for your trip to Cuba

The tasty climate of Cuba lends itself to activities of all kinds, from live concerts, the beach. To excursions and other things. The natural riches and the beautiful cities will allow you to do almost everything on your vacation.

But there are adventures that you cannot miss. Cuban Guru shows you some.

Fishing: Sports fishing lovers will enjoy the beauty of the Ciénaga de Zapata, the largest wetland in Cuba, and the Jardines de la Reina. You will find excellent fishing opportunities in fresh water and of course in the sea.

Sailing: The tranquility of our waters provides the ideal environment for this type of sailing. Especially on the southern coast of the Canarreos archipelago. You can also take baths alone, dive next to the turtles, and endless possibilities.

Wildlife observation: The island has a large number of natural parks and protected areas where you can see live endemic animals such as the zunzuncito (bee hummingbird), the smallest bird in the world, as well as enjoying nature.

Classic car rides: Touring the streets of Havana in one of the famous classic cars or Almendros will be an adventure. It constitutes a journey back in time, just making the journey in one of these relics from the 50s and 60s so well preserved.

Malecon nights: This wall surrounded by water is a fun way to spend the night. Meet people and see the reality of Cubans.

Climbing the Loma de La Cruz: It is a geographical accident located in the city of Holguín. For access, a 458-step stairway was built and there are plans to build a cable car.

Visit El Nicho: Beautiful waterfalls, and green landscape with the possibility of spending the night in tents, await you in Cienfuegos if you have an adventurous spirit.

Vinales Tour: Horseback riding, hiking, tobacco fields, a natural adventure within your reach in Pinar del Río.

You can also access other attractions such as Cuba Ruta Bikes, a 3-hour bike ride through unsuspected places. If what you are looking for is an adventure, in Cuba you have a lot to discover.

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