Places to travel with children

Places to travel with children

Places to travel with children

The planet is full of wonderful corners for children to begin to experience the pleasure of traveling. What place to choose?  They can be European destinations or more distant routes, but the goal is for everyone, young and old, to enjoy each other in their own way. These are some places to travel with children.

1. Every child’s dream ( Finland )

Children are always delighted with a trip to the land of Santa Claus,  a territory where nature rules. It is a place designed for families, with all kinds of proposals and services designed to make the trip comfortable and interesting for everyone.

Children can enjoy unique experiences such as living like a real Finnish family in a rental lake cabin, canoeing,  picking berries or skating on the frozen sea, traveling on a pulkka  (sled), and cross-country skiing in Paloheinä in winter. You can also rent a herd of dogs, a draft reindeer, or a snowmobile to cross snowy expanses.

Helsinki,  the capital, is also just the right size for a  family visit. It has a zoo, on Korkeasaari Island, great for discovering the country’s fauna and flora, and an amusement park, Linnanmäki, with its roller coasters, its large Ferris wheel and its labyrinthine aquarium with sharks, or the maritime fortress of  Suomenlinna, which occupies several outer islands of the city.

But the main Finnish experience, especially during winter,  is to go to Santa Claus village in Napapiiri, Rovaniemi, visit his post office to send Christmas letters, visit the cave where the elves make gingerbread cookies, and visit the Moominworld theme park dedicated to trolls.

2. Active leisure ( Belgium )

Chocolate, chips, and comics make Belgium a very attractive place for young and old. With its pleasant cities and its routes through the canals, both towards the sea and the interior of the country, children, and adolescents will surely find something they like. A must-see experience is the boat tour on the Bruges and Ghent canals. Or the option of a kayak tour on the Outhe, Semois, or Lesse rivers.

But there is more:  Brussels is the capital of comics, with permanent exhibitions on Smurfs and Tintin. And lots of street art that pays tribute to comics. In New Louvain, you can visit the  Musee Herge, which is dedicated to Tintin, the capital Haddock and Professor Calculus.

3. Emulate Robinson Crusoe ( Thailand )

You can also travel with children to exotic destinations. For example, Thailand, a truly magical kingdom for families. After frenetic  Bangkok, where crowds may scare children, the mysterious jungle to the north will provide great opportunities to enjoy. Southern Thailand also has paradise islands and beaches that offer all the necessary amenities at reasonable prices.

Children will especially like islands like  Koh Samui, Koh Samet, Koh Pha-Ngan, or Koh Phi Phi, in  Ang Thong National Marine Park, because they are perfect for playing survival as a castaway.

To go with children,  the islands in front of the Similan Islands National Marine Park. Where you can see whale sharks between January and April, are also recommended.

And there is much more: from discovering beautiful Buddhist temples to seeing what the real jungle is like, with its elephants, tigers, and gibbons.

4. On the way to adventure ( Costa Rica )

Play as Tarzan in the middle of the jungle, see a volcano up close, swim with the fish. Or admire incredible flowers children’s dreams can come true in amazing  Costa Rica.

This small, peaceful country has all the practicalities that parents appreciate and a child-loving population. It is the best family destination in all of Latin America, where children will enjoy adventures worthy of Indiana Jones: for example, crossing a walkway along the observation area in the steaming and bubbling volcanic caldera of Póas Volcano National Park. Or take an excursion among the treetops by hanging bridges, platforms, and zip lines, or a spectacular train tour through the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

Costa Rica, with its safe environment and the friendliness of the Ticos, will allow, like few countries in the world, to do family-friendly safaris through the tropical forests of the Sarapiquí River or the Pejibaye.

5. Talk to animals ( Kenya, Tanzania, or  South Africa )

Kenya is a  legendary safari destination and the many different species of animals that roam these absolutely dreamlike landscapes will leave children speechless.

In addition, the Maasai guides will add a magical touch to the experience. And once you have seen the parks and reserves, you have to gather the whole family and head to the beaches of the Indian Ocean. The great reserves of the south (Maasai Mara, Tsavo, and Amboseli, with Kilimanjaro in the background), are the parks that offer the most favorable conditions to see the animals, hence they are the most visited.

Another destination for kids’ safari and family vacations in  South Africa with a wealth of nature parks, beaches, trails, and plenty of unparalleled amenities. In its national parks and reserves, children have more chances than anywhere else to see the  Big Five:  rhinoceros, buffalo, elephant, leopard, and lion. The  Waterberg Biosphere Reserve is one of the favorite places for families because it allows them to see them in a practically malaria-free region. Another option is to spot southern right whales from the beaches or cliff paths in Hermanus between June and December or try to run into proud and adorable ostriches Meerkats in Oudtshoorn.

The third destination for safari with children in Tanzania, a country that offers many reasons for wonder:  incredible wildlife in national parks, lakes as big as the sea, stunning beaches in the Indian Ocean, and the glistening island of Zanzibar. It is a fabulous destination for a family vacation, both for the charm of the country and the always warm welcome from the locals. In addition to gazing at the Big Five, you can spot thousands of wildebeest and zebras and swap the SUV for a hot air balloon. You can also discover the colony of baboons, flamingos, and giraffes in Lake Manyara National Park and the elephants of Tarangire National Park, navigate the Wami River, or enjoy the beaches of the small Saadani National Park. Touring Arusha National Park simply requires an ATV and as the park is not too big, it is ideal for children and has many animals (such as giraffes, buffalo, monkeys, and flamingos) and the mythical  Kilimanjaro in the background.

6. Knights and princesses ( Scotland )

Children are fascinated by the magic of Scotland, a land of enchanted castles where monsters dive into lakes. They will be enchanted with the mystery of the moors and cliffs. And with the beauty of a natural landscape that lends itself to all kinds of activities. For example, walking through the maze of medieval streets and underground passages in the center of  Edinburgh, accompanied by a guide dressed as in the s. XVII. Or venture into haunted castles like Culzean (with its ghostly piper), Glamis (home of the Gray Lady), and Fyvie (where the Green Lady is staying).

7. Discover the world of Andersen ( Denmark )

In the land of Hans Christian Andersen, the party for children is served. And there are children’s sections in the best museums, as well as many attractions everywhere. The family can enjoy cycling tours across the country or follow the trail of the Vikings on boats exploring the many fjords and islands.

Children will enjoy exploring the old town of Aarhus by horse-drawn carriage, visiting the  Tivoli amusement park in  Copenhagen, or getting to know the Andersen neighborhood in his native Odense, with cobbled streets flanked by charming little houses, in one of which there is the  Hans Christian Andersen Museum.

One of the best experiences is visiting  Legoland, the original amusement park built with the famous Lego pieces that are located in Billund.

8. In search of idols ( Tunisia )

In Tunisia, children enjoy visiting towns and settings from  Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The hotels on the Tunisian coast warmly welcome young children to their many superb beaches. Older children can glimpse a more adventurous Tunisia in the desert dunes and visit the famous  Star Wars set in the  Berber houses built underground in Matmata. Kids will love sleeping in a  cave hotel, and they’ll really enjoy the Sidi Driss Hotel, Luke Skywalker’s boyhood home in the series.

The locations of  The Wars are near Tozeur, including the town of Mos Espa (Ksar Hadada). Built for filming  The Phantom Menace. We will also recognize the dunes of the Tatooine desert (Onk Djemel), the Tatooine canyon (Sidi Bouhlel), the Tatooine desert, and the house of the Lars (Chott el-Djérid), where Luke was arrested in front of a crater.

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