When will we travel again and what will our next trips be like?

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When will we travel again and what will our next trips be like?

Although all of us who enjoy traveling continues to make small getaways, day trips, or weekends – unless we are in areas with limited mobility – there is no doubt that we all really want to make memorable trips again. But when will we travel again and what will our next trips be like?

Right now, the health situation of most countries in the world is of concern in the face of the so-called second wave or second explosion of the Covid-19 disease, which has caused many of the limitations to travel or to receive travelers and there are lists of countries to which it is recommended not to go, as long as the subject improves.

It is impossible today to predict when the pandemic will end when there will be effective vaccines. And treatments to fight the coronavirus and, consequently. To know when we will be able to travel safely and calmly around the world again.

What is certain is that we really want to travel again, although we must be aware that our way of traveling has changed and that the so-called new normal will also affect travel, as we already told you.

Where can we travel to?

As the panorama is, it does not seem likely that we will be able to make a traditional trip, -type resort in the Caribbean, a trip to classic destinations in Asia such as Thailand, Bali, or Vietnam, or tours of the United States, South America or Africa- among others. reasons for difficulties for us to travel there, as well as for the health situation of those countries in which we will not always be calm about how to react in case of our own contagion.

There are countries that we cannot go to today, and there are others that. Although their borders are open to our compatriots, require quarantine. To have this updated information, it is best to consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Recommendations before traveling.

Even within our own country, the situation is changing, with restrictions on mobility, both to leave certain territories and to enter them, so there is not even the possibility of making national tourism trips to any destination.

To inform us of the situation, before leaving our city, -if it is free of confinement- it is important to consult reliable sources such as the page of the Ministry of Health or that of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda to see if our destination has some restrictions.

The journey to nowhere

This seems to be a possible destination, apart from the title of a good film by the long-awaited Fernando Fernan Gomez. Since some airlines are promoting trips in which they leave an airport and land again. So that those who You can’t help dreaming of traveling. Take a flight for a few hours.

Personally, it seems like a bad idea to me, not only because of the pollution caused by flying a plane so as not to go anywhere, but also because the worst thing about travel is usually the discomfort of traveling in the economy class of a plane, eating what you eat on airplanes and with very limited space, and without comforts. Keep reading What to see in Glasgow, Scotland

In addition to all this, this type of travel reaches the absurdity of subjecting yourself to the risk of possible contagion with other passengers when boarding in areas with little ventilation and little space for social distance, so as not to obtain the pleasure of knowing another place or traveling to another culture.

How will our next trips be

Just as we see natural traveling with mosquito repellent, plug adapters, or local guides, we will also now incorporate as a travel kit, a good amount of hydroalcoholic gel -billed for being gel- a good number of masks that we trust and why not, some rapid blood test to detect possible infections of Coronavirus – to be able to do it if we feel bad or suspect that we have any symptoms

Our next trips will presumably be short, in general to areas close to our place of residence, many times using our own vehicle to avoid risks of contagion in some means of transport and looking for more destinations with outdoor activities than destinations to do activities in places. closed.

More beach and less disco, more hiking and fewer museums and more terraces. And fewer restaurants, seem to be the recommendations that lie ahead. This will mean a certain boom in rural tourism to the detriment of hotel establishments in which it is intended that the client does not leave the facilities.

In short, we have to wait until treatments and vaccines are a reality. And until then, live off inspiring videos, memories of past trips, and small group trips to nearby cities.

But even if it is a sad and complicated situation, we are sure that all this will also pass and soon we will go back to doing the trips that we have always wanted to do, and we will also do them with much more enthusiasm.

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