Essential tips for traveling to Iceland

Iceland travel tips

Essential tips for traveling to Iceland

As a traveler, we are convinced that this type of article is always one of those you look for before traveling to a new country. We give you tips to travel to Iceland cheap and know the tricks and essential information. In this way, your adventure will continue to be bas travel style, daring but not reckless.

Eat Cheap In Iceland

Iceland travel guide

We have already warned you in several articles that we are talking about an expensive country, but even so, there are ways to eat cheaply in Iceland.

The cheapest supermarkets in Iceland (Bonus and Netto)

It is one of the aspects that will help you save the most. When you organize your trip it is important to have more or less controlled the days that you will cook and those that will serve you in a bar or restaurant. If you opt for the second option and settle for burgers and fast food, it can cost you around €20.

The cheapest supermarkets in Iceland are Bonus and Netto, the only two food chains that we buy. In addition, there are many scattered throughout the island and they have all kinds of food you need. But be careful with the schedule, Bonus is only open from 11:00 am to 6:30 pm! Netto, on the other hand, from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Don’t drink beer, drink Iceland water

We are very sorry to say so, but we warn you that beer can cost you €10 perfectly. The opposite happens with water, which is free in restaurants and bars! This will be a good option to eat cheaply in Iceland and save money.

Buying water in Iceland is also a mistake, mainly because it is so expensive. It is a strategy for people to consume tap water, which is not only drinkable but is considered one of the purest in the world. So, we encourage you to take a water bottle with you on your trip.

The Best Vehicle

It is one of the most common questions before traveling to Iceland, what car to rent. There are many factors that influence this decision and it is necessary to know all the tricks, especially what type of insurance to hire. We have dedicated an entire article so that you know how to get around Iceland.

We also leave you some tips to save on your trip to Iceland for the first time.

Rent a camper and not a caravan

In case you want to take advantage of your vehicle to sleep, do not hesitate to rent a camper before a motorhome. The price difference is huge and it is not worth paying so much to have more space.

If you opt for a car, keep in mind that you will not be able to drive on the famous F-roads and go into the Icelandic Highlands, where a 4×4 is needed! As we have said, we detail everything in our article.

Diesel yes. Gasoline no

Another determining factor, is the fuel. Gasoline is more expensive and cars consume a lot, 8-10 L / 100 km. In contrast, diesel cars only 5-6 L / 100 km. We rent a Diesel Dacia Duster and we assure you that it is one of the best tips to save on your trip to Iceland.

Sleep Cheap – Guesthouse

We had many doubts about where and how to sleep, we were directly “panic” about the prices of accommodation in Iceland. But don’t be fooled, the main drawback is the low supply, but not its cost, therefore it is essential to hire everything as soon as possible!

We have also dedicated an article to explaining where to sleep cheaply in Iceland. In addition to various recommendations, we will also explicitly tell you all our accommodations and their prices.

Stay in a Guesthouse

Sleeping in a guesthouse is one of the best tips to travel to Iceland cheaply that they can give you. Perfect accommodation with a private room but with the inconvenience of sharing the bathroom and kitchen with others. They usually cost between €35 and €45 per person per night and can accommodate 6 to 14 guests.

Use the Camping Card, it is forbidden to spend the night outdoors

If you have decided to rent a camper or a motorhome, one way to save on your trip to Iceland is to buy the Camping Card Iceland. We give you more information in our article, but to give you an idea, for €150 (2 people) you can access 42 campsites on the island for a maximum of 28 nights.

Keep in mind that in this country it is forbidden to spend the night outdoors since 2015. You can only camp or sleep with your vehicle in designated areas.

Free Travel In Iceland

Another way to save on your trip to Iceland is to go on your own, that is, not to hire organized tours that can cost you at least €2,000. It is true that this way you forget about almost everything but it also deprives you of freedom of schedules and locations. With good planning, you can travel to this country without any problem, really.

Do not hire private excursions

The offer of activities in Iceland is very wide and most of them are very attractive. Glacier trekking, kayaking, whale watching, snorkeling, horseback riding, and a long etcetera that you can find in Civitatis.

Honestly, if you have time, they are amazing and maybe worth it. But if your budget is tight, we are talking about a great tip to travel to Iceland cheaply.

When To Buy Plane Tickets

If we tell you to buy the tickets as soon as possible, it will not be like discovering America, but if we tell you to consider the option of making a short stopover in London, it will be good advice to travel to Iceland cheaply.

We have written and dedicated an entire article to find out how to get to Iceland in the easiest and cheapest way, the ideal backpack/suitcase to fit everything in, the food that can be brought into the country, etc.

Backpack or suitcase?

It is also logical that we recommend you not to check luggage whenever you can try to organize yourself well and you will save money and time at the airport. We assume that if you travel in winter, it will be practically impossible to do without checking in.

With the carry-on suitcase, you will not have any problem, unless you do not rent a car and you travel by public transport since it is more inconvenient to transport a suitcase.

For excursions, even if they are not many, it will also be more practical to travel with a backpack to Iceland. For example, we choose to leave some things in the trunk of the car and thus reduce weight.

The best time to go to Iceland

A country that is always beautiful, winter, spring, summer or autumn, it is difficult to say the best time to visit it, but obviously, it depends on many factors and preferences. We offer you an entire publication with all the pros and cons of each season to help you decide the best time to travel to Iceland.

If we talk about price, the best advice to travel to Iceland cheap is not to go in summer. Although the number of activities barely decreases, the months of June, July and August are a little more expensive due to the number of tourists.

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