When will I be able to travel back to the USA?

will I be able to travel back to the USA

When will I be able to travel back to the USA?

From the moment in which the vaccination campaigns of the USA and the European Union began to take off in a decisive way. The debate on the possible reciprocal reopening of borders immediately rekindled. And we will be able to travel back to the USA.

The travel ban

I remember that in the USA the Travel Ban has been in force since  March 13, 2020. This rule prevents travelers from entering US territory with very few exceptions.

What is certain is that no Italian has traveled to the US for tourism since that date.

The measure was naturally necessary to prevent an even greater number of infections in the two continents. But today things are changing and even the travel ban is destined, sooner or later, to fall.

The EU has reopened its doors to the United States

travel back to the USA sooner or later

Italy has updated its legislation last 1st of May 6, allowing this date the’ entry to American citizens for leisure travel.

We know very well how many our activities cannot be separated from the incoming tourism of Americans, Japanese, Australians, etc… while vice versa is worth a little less.

The Biden administration currently has not yet defined certain dates for the reopening of the borders. Europeans and this is not only penalizing the Italian businesses that live off compatriots who leave for abroad (yes we exist too!). But also many people who are remained stuck in our country despite having family members, businesses, investments in American land.

The only small step forward by the American government is to have lowered. The alert level towards Italy from “level 4 – do not travel” to “level 3 – Review travel”. We are always a country not recommended but in a less peremptory way, it seems.

The US-EU summit

The EU – US summit takes place on 14 June, it will be held in Brussels and could concretely be the right occasion to discuss borders and reopenings.

Of this opinion is the Ambassador of Italy to the USA Armando Varricchio who has held this role for more than 5 years (he will soon be moving to Berlin) and who recently attended a meeting in New York with the GEI (Italian Exponents Group).

Beyond all the speculations of the case, the final decision will obviously be up to President Joe Biden and I believe that no later than this August – September we will (finally) be able to return to the United States of America not only for family and business reasons. but also simply for tourism.

Many large Italian tour operators have in fact set the first departures in August 2021.

Of course, these are only hypotheses that will remain so until the US administration makes a definitive decision.

The situation in the United States of America

In the United States of America, vaccinated people now lead a “normal” life. As reported on the Facebook page of the well-known virologist Guido Silvestri, a lecturer at Emory University in Atlanta.

Although in recent days the number of new vaccinations has slowed down a bit in the United States of America (while in Italy they have increased), the country is well ahead of Italy and more than 53% of the over 18 population is fully vaccinated.

According to current estimates, Italy will fully immunize 60% of the population around the end of July.

We’ll see, we can’t wait to give you news about travel back to back to the USA.

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