Ten fantastic exotic beaches ideal for your vacation

Ten exotic beaches

Ten fantastic exotic beaches ideal for your vacation

Are you tired of always going to the same place? Or are your holidays super close? This time you will meet ten fantastic exotic beaches ideal for your vacation. As they say out there, in the sea, life is tastier.

These beaches are perfect for a trip with family or friends, either because the weather is good or because we are more animated than usual. Honestly, we have the great gift that nature gives us and they are those beautiful and extraordinary places to which we can go. Surely you think that you have to invest a good amount of money to be able to visit them and have a good time. You’re wrong! It is cheaper than you think, although they are world-class beaches. I recommend them to you in this article, so that you can see the true reality, that traveling and getting to know different places depends on our first big step.

The most exotic beaches in the world

most exotic beaches

Santa Marta (Colombia)

Many tourists flock to this beach year after year, considered one of the best bays in the Caribbean in general. It is ideal to spend a good vacation and more because it is located in one of the warmest countries in Latin America such as Colombia.

Los Roques (Venezuela)

It is one of the most visited beaches by tourists, ideal to enjoy its divine white sand and spectacular flora and fauna. Among them are the mangroves, pelicans, and very luminous coral reefs. Going to these beaches is very cheap and even more so due to the current situation in the beautiful country of Venezuela. Los Roques is undoubtedly one of the most exotic beaches in America at a general level.

Hawaiian Archipelago

This archipelago becomes a landscape of colors due to its volcanic activity, ideal to fully enjoy it.

Big Pfeiffer State Beach, California

The best thing about this beach is its magical purple sand. As you can see, it is a totally different beach, tourists come during the summer holidays to spend their days in a relaxed way.

Papakolea, (Hawaii)

This is an extraordinary beach, formed by the erosion of its volcanic rocks that results in the green color that characterizes this spectacular place, caused by a semi-precious stone called olivine.

Pink Sand Beach, Harbor Island, Bahamas

As its name indicates, its sand is pink in color and is produced by shells and coral remains mixed with its soft sand. Attractive isn’t it? It is worth spending a vacation on this beach and even more so because it is extremely cheap, paying for the stay, flights and food.

Maho Beach, Saint Martin (Netherlands)

Ideal for people who like adrenaline, it is characterized by the fact that on this beach the planes pass to a low level of the sand, excellent to enjoy a while of sun, sea, and sand.

Bocas del Toro, (Panama)

Especially for a place of rest, it is an archipelago with emerald-colored sea and white sand, the best thing is that it has more than two hundred islets.

Vik, Vik (Iceland)

It is an exotic and exciting place due to the black color of the soil, caused by the volcanic material that surrounds this place, it is an excellent landscape.

Hidden Beach, Marietas Islands (Jalisco)

Belonging to Puerto Vallarta, a perfect place to enjoy a diversity of fauna and flora. As well as divine sand and very good color in the sea. A highly recommended beach, where cheap will honestly be cheap. Its entire environment at a cultural level is very striking and even more so if you are curious about life.


A day at the beach can change your energies! What are you waiting for to enjoy these exotic beaches? Perhaps you can go to the one that is closest to you or if you prefer to know beyond your borders here you have the best. I recommend these ten exotic beaches, it’s time to rest. Ideal to enjoy with your friends, your partner or family. Let life flow and enjoy the sand of the sea. So dare to travel, enjoy and wait for us to enjoy your vacation more. Cheer up!

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