10 extraordinary places to stay

extraordinary places to stay

10 extraordinary places to stay

A trip around the world through 10 exceptional places to sleep. Whether it’s to pamper yourself or to save a bit, there are amazing places to stay. The only downside is that, with excitement, it may be hard to sleep.

1. Industrial style hotel: Silo Hotel

Built-in the tower of an old grain silo on Cape Town’s V&A waterfront, this incredible boutique hotel is as impressive as the views of Table Mountain it offers.

El Silo combines modernity and history, with geodesic windows that protrude from the concrete facade, in an industrial 1920s style. And with the opening of the highly anticipated Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA) on the ground floor, it has only gotten better.

2. Hotel-floating capsule

In 2015, Huis Ten Bosch created the world’s first robot-operated hotel, and at the end of 2017, it completed the construction of its new floating capsule hotel. The two-story capsules, with the beds under a glass dome, will slowly navigate a 6 km stretch overnight, transporting their guests to a new island adventure resort.

3. A cozy ‘lodge’: Thousand Lakes Lodge

Exploring the rugged and remote beauty of the Unesco-protected Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area is a little easier today thanks to this lodge.

Built on a former Antarctic expedition base, the nine-room Thousand Lakes Lodge is a most welcoming (and warm) base camp for hiking, fishing, mountain biking, or observing. fauna in the beautiful plains of the highlands of this state of Australia.

4. Urban hotel: Jam Hotel

When Jean-Michel André, creator of the Château de la Poste, Chelton, and Le Berger hotels, joined forces with architect Olivia Gustot to transform the former St Luke School of Architecture in Brussels, it was clear that the result was going to be exceptional.

In the Jam Hotel abound urban tones, exposed brick, concrete, and plywood. Its 78 rooms are crowned by an attractive bar with a terrace and rooftop pool.

It offers the ‘Giga-dorm’ ($ 20), a dormitory with 18 beds; ‘super singles’ rooms ($ 59), and other private rooms for two to six people.

5. Luxury hotel: Moss Hotel – Blue Lagoon

The smoky Blue Lagoon is Iceland’s most famous spot, and this year it will be possible to wake up to spectacular views of its waters. This modern, minimalist luxury hotel runs on sustainable energy from geothermal activity and sits atop dry moss-covered lava flows dating back to 1226. As you might expect, the  Blue Lagoon Hotel would not be complete without Lava Cove, an underground spa.

6. Steel and Glass Shelter: The Sill

The youth hostels are rarely elegant shiny glass and steel sculptures; And they are not usually part of a singular ‘information center’, but The Sill, on the historic Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland, has space for exhibitions, plays, and musical events; rooms for two, three or four people, with access to the kitchen; living rooms; wifi and the most starry skies in the region.

The entire building runs on renewable energy. Accommodation (with breakfast) from £ 21.

7. A ‘lodge’ in the jungle: Awasi

Built like its pioneer farms in Atacama and Patagonia, Awasi has a 12-villa lodge just 15 minutes from the mythical Iguazu Falls.

Situated on stilts to reduce environmental impact,  and well spread out in the dense jungle on the shore of the Iguazú River in Argentina,  the villas have small private pools, outdoor showers, and spacious lounges.

Each villa is assigned a jeep and a guide to explore the area.

8. Hotel with 180º views: The Robey

Like a generous slice of art deco cake, this wedge-shaped hotel rises in an area of Chicago that eats, drinks, dances, and breathes art and culture, the neighborhoods of Wicker Park and Bucktown. The eclectic energy of its streets rises up to The Robey’s 13th-floor lounge, with full 180-degree views of the city’s skyline.

Being able to leave the room late, having good transport connections and prices per room from the US $ 155 give for happy days (and nights).

9. ‘Glamping’ in the African paradise: The Highlands Camp

While travelers are queuing to enter the animal paradise of the Ngorongoro,  in Tanzania,  the most famous crater Africa, guests of Asia’s Highlands Camp dawn in a remote area of the park.

This eco-conscious camp redefines the glamping concept with eight spacious rooms under domes that offer unforgettable views of the African landscape. In addition, Asia’s long relationship with local Maasai offers rich cultural experiences for clients.

The price includes driving routes, walking tours, and meals.

10. One Bed Hotel: Null Stern

A five-star hotel? No, not one (only those in heaven); and because it does not have, it does not have walls either. The invention of conceptual artists Patrik and Frank Riklin, the Null Stern is a beautiful bed in the heart of Swiss nature. In 2017, the original ‘Alpine Room’ quickly put up the ‘not available’ sign, and in 2018 there are 25 new beds in secret parts of Switzerland.

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