Tips for traveling by van, a great way to travel on your own

Tips for traveling by van,

Tips for traveling by van, a great way to travel on your own

Traveling has always been synonymous with freedom and discovery, a fact especially true in the case of road travel. For millions of users around the world, the campervan, the van, is the definitive companion on this journey, but it is also a symbol of freedom. It is not a mere vehicle; it’s a way of life and a personalized passport to the open road, whether it’s for a night, a weekend, several months, or even years.

A good question to start. After all, the camper is not new: in 1950 VW launched its iconic Splitscreen (named for its two-piece windshield). So why has a new generation set out to reinvent it under a hooked business moniker? Is there something solid behind that label?

The current van boom probably responds to contemporary global social, economic, and cultural fashions. As did the events that made the original movement so successful. In the 1960s and 1970s, it was first the hippy movement and then surfers who gravitated towards the VW camper, which at the time exercised a near-total monopoly of the market, and both instilled in the general consciousness both the vehicle and the aura. romantic that infused her lifestyle.

From there we jump to today, with a younger generation avoiding home buying and delaying parenthood. And quite a few middle-aged folks eager to break free from the shackles of mortgages and monotonous jobs. The internet has provided the ability to earn an income without the need for a fixed office, and Facebook and Instagram allow truckers to connect, tell stories, share tips and even meet in person, which is not that far from those old hippie gatherings around the fire. . Amid this sea of ​​changes, the van life movement has brought together and developed its own dynamics, stimulated by studied photos of sunsets, campfires and interesting talks about vans in various exotic locations away from campsites and crowds.

As of mid-2018, the #vanlife tag had been used more than three million times, and several of its derivatives have reached six-figure numbers. And despite occasional cloying and postures filter with pictures of stock, it is almost impossible to navigate the hashtag unfinished inspired. Naturally, it should be remembered that in social networks the photos go through more than one filter, and surely what you see is a highlighted and edited selection of reality.

Living in a van can be overwhelming, too hot, too cold, dirty, noisy, frustrating, and sometimes even dangerous. If the traveler values ​​an easy life in which everything goes according to plan, then living in a van is not for him. But you also don’t have to quit your job, sell your flat and properties. And learn to put solar panels on the roof of your new home on wheels to join the van life, you can travel anywhere by van.

The van is a state of mind, and everyone is welcome

How to choose a van

There are campers for everyone, whether you want a five-star hotel or a mere jacket under the stars. And in addition, there are them for all pockets and purposes. From a work van to a converted home with a fully equipped engine. But, when buying a vehicle, the first step is to think about what needs you have.

As you think about it, it is recommended that you create a checklist to answer the following questions: Will my vehicle be for everyday use? Will I drive off the marked routes? How many people will I take? Will I mostly sleep in official places or will I go wild camping? Will I cook or eat out?

If you want a vehicle for daily use that occasionally serves for a weekend outing. You do not need a fully equipped motorized house with five beds, just as, for a family of five, a sports convertible is not ideal. two-seat. A camper requires many more considerations than a standard passenger car. That is why it is worth arming yourself with a pencil and paper to list the vital elements, the desirable ones and the ones that would simply be nice to have. When choosing a model for your purchase or transformation. You will have to prioritize according to the situation and the budget.

What to consider when choosing a van

Every aspect of van life is a give and take. What do you want more interior space? A larger vehicle will suffer on those narrow roads that must be traversed to find the perfect camping spot. What do you want to go wild camping often? Well, we will have to think about self-sufficient essential elements. Such as solar energy, a large water tank, and food storage.

Each decision that is made will have an impact on the rest. So you have to weigh well what is most relevant for you and learn to accept the pitfalls and deal with them. The checklist will help to distinguish the crucial components from the optional ones.

Budget to choose a van

The main advice is to decide in advance if you want to buy a “finished” van ready for the adventure or a vehicle to start from scratch that can be transformed if time and money allow. If you have time and patience, the latter certainly makes for a very rewarding experience.

The most decisive factor in the choice of the van will surely be the budget. If you buy a camper fresh from the factory, then you can relax for the first three years. And focus your energy and money on traveling. But the usual thing is to buy either a second-hand converted van or a base vehicle to transform it. And that’s where things get complicated.

Calculating a van life budget is very personal, so it is impossible to suggest a kind of one size fits all. In general, the sensible thing to do is to invest generously in the best possible base van. As the primary purpose of any vehicle is to get to and from places. Saving at the beginning can be expensive later. Although, of course, the traveler may be a handyman and cannot wait to get down to work, in which case he should focus more on the quality or completeness of any renovation work unless he understands breakdowns, repairs, and oxidation.

Test the van before you buy it

It goes without saying that research is the key not only to finding the right van. But to get the most out of it on the road. Hence, you have to be willing to spend a substantial amount of time updating the vehicle. But also check out the overwhelming supply of camping gear. And accessories that will transform the van from good to great.

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