The best travel accessories

Collection of travel accessories

The best travel accessories

Whenever we travel we find ourselves in the need to carry with us certain objects that can help us during our days exploring the world.

And you would be surprised by the number of objects. That exist designed to make our days away from home easier.

That is why in this post I bring you a collection of travel accessories that can be very useful since they adapt to the needs that we may have when we spend several days away.

From portable chargers to adapters, by the time you finish reading this post. You will have no doubt about what to take on your next trip!

Portable Charger

Necessary travel accessories

An essential when we spend hours and hours away from home we are going to be taking photos, sending them, talking with relatives… and that is that with this charger you can charge your phone between 5 and 8 times, depending on the battery capacity of your device.

It is very useful since there is always that situation in which you have used your mobile more than necessary. And you need it to return to the hotel using Google Maps. We have all been in this predicament at some point.

Power Adapters

Something that is a common need when we travel to another country, usually outside the European Union, since within it there are countries such as Malta or the United Kingdom that use different plugs.

You will not be the first to arrive at the hotel after a whole day between plane, bus, and others. Since you have not been able to charge your phone (unless you have bought the portable charger that we recommend above) the first thing you do is Throw yourself into a plug to replenish the energies of your device.

And surprise! Your charger is useless because the power outlet is different from the one in your country.

Do not be alarmed, and in the worst-case scenario the next day you could get one wherever you are. But so that you do not spend that bad drink or waste time on your vacation looking for where to find one. It is better to take it from home.

That is why I recommend this one that you can see by clicking here, which allows you to go practically anywhere in the world with this problem solved since it is universal.

Carry-On Bag

If something is going to save you a lot of money, it is this that I am going to show you now.

The conditions that the airlines impose on our luggage are becoming stricter. But the basic ones are the measurements. Which, in general, to bring the suitcase into the cabin for free, are 55x40x20.

Well, here I bring you a suitcase that will make you take advantage of these dimensions to the fullest, with a capacity of 31.5 liters.

Carrying a suitcase like this will avoid any surprises, and not exactly small ones. The supplements that are usually charged if you show up at the boarding gate with a suitcase that exceeds the maximum measurements are usually higher than the price of the ticket itself.

So, if you want to avoid these scares, click here and take a look at this suitcase that we have selected for you!

Travel Bottles

If something always opposes us when we travel by plane. It is a fact that liquids cannot be transported once the established limit has been exceeded. Which is 100 ml per container up to a maximum of 1 liter.

With this accessory, that problem is over because I bring you some silicone bottles. Which have a capacity of 89 ml each, which allows you to carry whatever you want (be it cologne, or creams…). In addition, silicone makes it easy to wash and reuse them.

Purifying Water Bottle

In Spain, we are used to drinking water directly from the tap. And in most developed countries it is also like that.

But what happens when we travel to a less developed country where the tap water is not drinkable?

The solution is given in this bottle, with which you will save yourself unexpected gastroenteritis.

The main advantage it offers you is that you do not have to continually buy bottles in the supermarket and that it is also reusable, so we reduce the use of plastic.

Luggage Lock

One of the main concerns, when we check in our suitcase, is what hands it will pass through until we see it again.

And it is that, although nothing should happen. You would not be the first person whose luggage arrives at the destination weighing somewhat less than it weighed at the origin.

So to avoid this, it does not hurt to secure the closure with a padlock.

Portable Iron

When we arrive at our hotel and open our suitcase, we rarely find a wrinkled garment. Either because of the pressure with which we have put everything in the suitcase or the hustle and bustle of the trip. But that garment is not to go out with her to the street, so to speak.

With a portable iron, this problem will have a quick solution. And you would be surprised how little this appliance can occupy.

Remember that this list will be constantly updated and growing. So don’t forget to check the post before each trip to see if any of the accessories we’ve added help you!

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