Five tips for planning your summer vacation

Planning for summer vacation

Five tips for planning your summer vacation

We are a few weeks away from the start of summer in Peru and, at this time of year, many people tend to plan their vacations. If that’s the case for you, in this post we’ll give you 5 tips to help you plan the summer vacation you deserve.

Choose your destination according to your interests

Summer vacation tips

The first thing to do to have the best summer vacation is to choose a destination that we like. Usually, people choose coastal destinations to vacation; however, there are multiple options. There are even places that mix coastal scenery with beautiful valleys. This is the case of a destination like Ica. And is that this region of Peru has a fertile valley full of vineyards just a few kilometers from its beaches.

Choose a destination based on the time you have to vacation

If you have little time to enjoy your vacation, and prefer a road trip, in order to have your own mobility, we advise you to choose a nearby destination. Ideally, the destination is not more than 5 hours from your city of origin so that the road trip is not very long. I, for example, am between 4 to 5 hours from Lima, depending on the starting point.

Consider who you will be traveling with

Traveling with your partner is not the same as traveling with friends, family, or with small children. It is important to take into account the people who will accompany us and their tastes, to choose the best vacation destination. Having done this, you should also choose a hotel that has amenities for everything. A great advantage of large hotels like Hotel Viñas Queirolo is that it has areas for entertainment and enjoyment for guests of all ages.

Consider the experiences you want to have

Another tip for planning summer vacations in 2022 is to consider that the destination you choose offers you the experiences you want to live. For example, if among your plans is to live a wine experience, with an exquisite tasting of wines and piscos, Hotel Viñas Queirolo has the best offer.

Book early

Finally, we advise you, since most people take vacations at this time of year, that you book your tickets and the hotel where you decide to stay in advance. That way you have the certainty that you will be able to stay in that hotel that has all the comforts and features that you are looking for. Book now at Hotel Viñas Queirolo!

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