2008.01.03 - 12:47 AM

The Attorney General of British Columbia is once again attempting to squash attempts by homeless people to have the BC Supreme Court rule on the constitutional issue regarding the right to sleep. The City of Victoria has yet to clarify the word 'abode' or define their bylaw, which prohibits sleeping outdoors, or for that matter sitting, standing, lying, and squatting. Until the courts have ruled on this important issue it will remain up to the discretion of City Police officers to decide who is hauled away to jail and who isn't. Of course this 'discretion' comes along with all of the issues that surround being arrested or being 'moved along' which may include falling down, bumping your head, scraping your arm, loosing all your belongings including a sleeping bag, ending up dead in a jail cell.

The BC Attorney General's office has made an application to the courts to dismiss the case before it comes before the courts to decide upon a constitutional issue, which is scheduled to take place over five days starting on January 28, 2008.

On January 9 and 10, 2008 the BC Attorney General's lawyers will be presenting their argument to a BC Supreme Court Judge in another attempt to stop this issue from being heard by the courts. The more people in attendance the better. 9:45am BC Supreme Court House, downtown Victoria on 850 Burdett Ave. (between Blanchard & Quadra St.)

Once again the wheels of justice turn slowly and may grind to a complete halt under pressure from the political will of Premier Gordo Campbell and his BC Liberal government. The Attorney General is an elected MLA who is appointed by the Premier as part of his inner cabinet. He is the political head of the courts but is 'supposed' to be at arms length when it comes to judges who are none-the-less approved or denied by his office. Something about the separation between the Queen, the state, and all that other stuff... oh yeah and the people?

January 9th, 9:30am
Supreme Court of BC
850 Burdett Ave.
Victoria, BC


Hatrackman on 2008.01.03

not the 22nd. It's set for Jan 28th for a 5 day trial.

PoliticalAttitudes on 2008.01.03

thanks, dually noted and corrected.

youaremyavatar on 2014.02.25

I think that he is not trying to stop justice over there. He is just there to facilitate some things. - Sandra Dyche

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