2007.11.27 - 8:33 AM


Your WHOLE ENTIRE linking system for members is screwed up. When you click on a persons don't get their profile. I know you guys keep saying you are NOT being hacked, but I find it hard to believe that you guys are really this incompetent.
To continually have these glitches like "Not being able to post", "Not getting or sending email", "COMPLETE link list failure", "Not being able to sign in", "Not being able to upload video", "Having videos or posts disappear after posting" etc. etc. etc.
I've pretty much stopped using "Homeless Nation" because I find it too frustrating to deal with...and sadly not living up to it's potential. What happened to the CHAT-BOX? etc. Maybe, advertise for some help, and get a solid foundation built FIRST...because this feels like it's taking the wind OUT of my sails, more than helping me get anywhere.
WE NEED better communication with one another lest we continually be divided and we are not getting it here. You are killing us here.
I'm not attempting to be sarcastic...I'm being DEADLY serious.

your humble servant,
ancient clown


ancientclown on 2007.12.11


I guess this post was too negative by being too honest, as I still haven't received a response to it, nor has the problem been fixed.
Maybe you could at least leave me a little FU message to let me know you are still there. If I wanted to be ignored I'd write the Government. Though you may not perceive it yet, I'm actually here to HELP you.

your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

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