British Columbia Resources


Some of the below information may be outdated. For the most current listings of shelters in the Greater Vancouver area, please visit Greater Vancouver Shelter Strategy at


Kamloops Resources

Kamloops Women's Resource Group Society provides a safe and welcoming space for all women.
PO Box 204 Stn Main,
Kamloops, B.C., V2C 5K6
Contact: (250) 374-3949

Vancouver Resources

Here is a list of resources for homeless people in the Vancouver area. Inside, you will find links to food, shelter, and other information. Please suggest a link.

Click here for Victoria area Resources

  • Pivot Legal Society
    Pivot Legal Society is a non-profit legal advocacy organization located
    in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside
    Contact: (604) 255-9700

  • The Gathering Place
    Operates 7 days a week from 10am-8pm.
    Contact: (604) 665-2391
    609 Helmcken Street

    Access to showers, laundry, TV room., free phones, reading room, art programs, music programs and recreation programs. Use the Gathering Place as a mailing address, daytime storage of personal belongings, telephone messages. There are also some rooms available for bookings to local groups.

    The cafeteria offers three meals a day at very low cost.

    The Education Centre provides a co-operative environment for people who want high school courses and have found traditional schooling did not meet their needs.

    Health programs include massage therapy and art therapy. There is also a therapeutic hot tub.

    Annual member ship is $1.00. An additional $5 buys a recreation card which applies to weight room and poolroom. Courses are free but there is a small charge for materials for programs such as photography and pottery.

  • Carnegie Centre
    Contact: (604) 665-2220
    401 Main Street

    Open 7 days a week 9:00am-11:00pm, a safe drug and alcohol free environment.

    Services include:
    Public Library Reading Room
    Senior Centre
    Weight Room
    Learning/Literacy Centre
    Kitchen: 3 nutritional meals a day plus snacks
    Art Gallery
    Auditorium and Gym
    Dark Room and Pottery Room

    Outreach program in Oppenheimer Park, Main and Hastings and Pigion Park

  • Vancouver Crisis Line (24hrs)
    Contact: (604) 872-3311

  • Legal Aid
    Contact: (866) 577-2525

Alcohol & Drugs

  • ACCESS Detox Line
    Contact: (Adult) (866) 658-1221 (toll free)
    (Youth) (604) 658-1221 or (866) 658-1221 (toll free)

For Youth

  • ASH-Safehouse (Aboriginal Youth Safe House) offers hot meals to youth 16-18 years old. Alcohol/drug free; clean and sober for 72hrs.
    Contact: (604) 254-5147
  • All Nations Youth Safe House offers 3 meals to youth 16-18 years old. Self-referral, curfew. Hard drug free for 72hrs. Goal-oriented. 4:00PM - 9:30AM.
    Contact: (604) 584-2625
  • Covenant House offers 3 meals to youth 16-22 years old. No alcohol/drug use 12 hours prior; no detoxing. Structured service, curfew.
    Contact: (604) 685-7474
    575 Drake, Vancouver
  • Dusk to Dawn (Directions Youth Centre) offers hot meals, laundry, showers, doctor/nurse, to 21 and under. 4:00PM - midnight (hot meal at 8:00PM); after hours emergency services: midnight - 8:00AM (coffee, snacks). No sleeping.
    Contact: (604) 633-1472
    1134 Burrard St., Vancouver
  • Iron Horse Youth Safe House offers 3 meals, laundry, referrals; for youths 13-18 years old. Structured service, curfew, alcohol/drug free.
    Contact: (877) 435-SAFE (7233)
    Maple Ridge
  • Marc's Place offers services to youth 13-15 years old. Referral via social worker or After Hours. Requires parent/guardian consent.
    Contact: (604) 261-7827 After 10:00PM call After Hours: (604) 660-4927
    Southwest Vancouver
  • North Shore Youth Safe House offers 3 meals to youth 14-18 years old. Self referral, goal oriented, hard drug free.
    Contact: (877) 78-YOUTH (96884)
    North Vancouver
  • Walden Safe House offers 3 meals to youth 16-18 years old. Goal oriented, hard drug free.
    Contact: (604) 877-1234
  • UGM-Youth Drop-In
    Contact: Tel:(604) 688-7587; E-mail:
    1075 Seymour Street

    Monday 1:30-7:00, meal at 5:30
    Tuesday 11:30-3:00, meal at 2:00
    Wednesday 3:00-7:00, meal at 5:30
    Thursday 3:00-7:00, meal at 5:30
    Friday 1:30-7:00, meal at 5:30

  • Directions Youth Outreach
    Contact: (604) 633-1472; (866) 249-6884 (toll free)
    1134 Burrard St. (across from St.Paul's Hospital)
    Vancouver, BC
    V6Z 1Y7

    Nous offrons des programmes en francais
    Programs for youth 18 and under, and 24 and under.
    Street Youth Services, Dusk Till Dawn, Street Youth Job Action and GAP
    24-7 Services and Programming, including:

    Day Resource Centre: 18 & under.
    Night Resource Center: Youth 21 and under. Safe space, laundry, hot meals, showers, clothing, toiletries.
    After Hours Crisis Response Service: Youth under 21 who need immediate assistance from social services or police, or for youth who need a safe space while waiting for daytime community services to open.
    Street Youth Job Action, (SYJA): youth 15-24.employment opportunities for street involved youth.
    School: Youth 13-18. Working with Vancouver School board to complete high school. Also offers vocational and life skills component
    Housing Support: Youth under 18 (additional services for youth 18-24).
    Outreach Services: Youth under 18 (additional services for youth 18-24).
    Victim Services: Youth under 18. Workers assist youth who are victims of violence to access resources, report a crime to police, and prepare for court.

  • Covenant House Vancouver
    Contact: (604) 685-7474

    Provides crisis shelter, drop in, transitional living, community support services,pastoral ministry, ROP-supportive housing, and other services.


  • Anchor of Hope (seasonal - open Nov.1- March 31) offers coffee/bun, showers, mats. 11:00PM-6:30AM.
    Contact: (604) 646-6899
    134 E. Cordova, Vancouver
  • Belkin House offers dorms, 3 meals. Drug/Alcohol free.
    Contact: (604) 681-3405
    555 Homer, Vancouver
  • Caring Place provides 3 meals (lunch and dinner open to public); first come, first served. Drug/alcohol free.
    Contact: Day:(604) 463-8296 (ext: 102); Night: (604) 807-8290
    22188 Lougheed Highway, Maple Ridge
  • Crosswalk offers coffee/bun, mats. Opens 11:00PM.
    Contact: (604) 669-4349
    108 W. Hastings, Vancouver
  • First Baptist Church offers shelter on Tuesday nights only (priority for under-19). Meal offered at 9:00PM.
    Contact: (604) 683-8441
    969 Burrand Street, Vancouver
  • Gateway offers dinner after 5:00PM.
    Contact: (604) 589-7777
    10667 135A Street, Surrey
  • Grandview Calvary Baptist Church (between Thanksgiving and Victoria Day) offers dinner on Thursday nights only. 6:30PM-8:00AM.
    Contact: (604) 255-1411
    1803 East 1st Street
  • Hyland House offers 3 meals, laundry. Alcohol/drug free. Curfew.
    Contact: (604) 599-8900
    6595 King George Highway, Surrey
  • Lookout Downtown offers 3 meals. Pets welcome. Referrals to needed services.
    Contact: (604) 681-9126
    346 Alexander, Vancouver
  • North Shore offers 3 meals. Pets welcome. Referrals to needed services.
    Contact: (604) 982-9126
    705 West 2nd, North Vancouver
  • Tenth Avenue Church offers dinner on Monday nights only. Registration: 6:30PM, Meal: 7:30PM. First come, first served.
    Contact: (604) 876 2181
    11 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver
  • Triage offers 3 meals.
    Contact: (604) 254-3700
    707 Powell, Vancouver
  • Tri Cities Cold/Wet Weather Mat Program (seasonal, Nov. 1 - March 31) offers hot snacks, breakfast, bag lunch. Rotating locations - call for pick up locations. 10PM - 7:00AM.
    Contact: (604) 830-1528
  • Yukon Shelter offers 3 meals, refferals to needed services. Small pets welcome.
    Contact: (604) 264-1680
    2088 Yukon Street (at 5th), Vancouver
  • RainCity Housing (formerly Triage Emergency Services and Care Society) provides emergency shelter, food services, long term housing, outreach services and financial administration for people in need.
    Contact: (604) 662-7023; E-Mail:

For Women

  • 412 Women's Emergency Shelter offers showers, laundry, soup, and breakfast. For single women. Focus on harm reduction. 11:00PM - 8:00AM
    Contact: (604) 715-8480
    Downtown East Side
  • Bridge Women's Emergency Shelter offers single women stays lasting up to 30 days; 3 meals. Focus on harm reduction.
    Contact: (604) 684-3542
    Downtown East Side
  • Cynthia's Place offers single women 3 meals. Focus on harm reduction.
    Contact: (604) 582-2456
  • Fraserside Emergency Shelter offers families and single women 3 meals. Alcohol/drug free.
    Contact: (604) 525-3929
    New Westminster
  • New Beginnings (Belkin House) offers single women and women with children (no boys over 13) 3 meals. Alcohol/drug free.
    Contact: (604) 694-6623
  • Powell Place offers shelter for single women and lesbian couples (not a transition house).
    Contact: (604) 606-0403
    Downtown East Side
  • St. Elizabeth Home offers 3 meals, laundry for female-headed families, single women, and lesbian couples. Low barrier (not a transition house).
    Contact: (604) 606-0412
    Mont Pleasant
  • Sheena's Place offers 3 meals to single women or women with children. 1 family per room, singles share (not a transition house).
    Contact: (604) 581-1538
  • Vi Fineday offers 3 meals to male or female headed families, childless couples or single women. Alcohol/drug free.
    Contact: (604) 736-2423
  • Welcome Home for Immigrants apartment service (fee) for families and singles. Priority given to newcomers.
    Contact: (604) 684-7498 (9:00 - 5:00)
    530 Drake St., Vancouver

  • Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter provides safe shelter for women in distress.
    Contact: (604) 877-0958

For Men

  • The Beacon offers soup/bun, mats. 11:00PM - 6:30AM.
    Contact: Day: (604) 646-6800 Night: (604) 646-6846
    138 E. Cordova, Vancouver

  • Catholic Charities Men's Hostel provides food voucher. 4:00PM - 7:30AM.
    Contact: (604) 443-3292
    828 Cambie, Vancouver
  • College Place offers full service, minimal barrier.
    Contact: (604) 529-9126
    740 Carnarvon, New Westminster
  • The Haven offers nighttime shelter and a hot breakfast. Must vacate during the day.
    Contact: Day: (604) 646-6800 Night: (604) 646-6806
    128 East Cordova, Vancouver
  • Richmond House offers 3 meals. Alcohol/drug free.
    Contact: (604) 276-2490
    3111 Shell Road, Richmond
  • Stevenson House offers single night stay. Registration required; first come, first served. 4:30PM - 9:00AM.
    Contact: (604) 526-4783
    32 Eliot Street, New Westminster
  • Union Gospel Mission offers 2 meals, mats. Alcohol/drug free. 8:30PM - 6:30AM.
    Contact: (604) 253-3323
    616 East Cordova, Vancouver


  • Greater Vancouver Food Bank provides food to those in need, and offers special programs to provide food for infants and young children.
    Contact: (604) 876-3601
  • Quest Outreach Society provides hot sit-down meals in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, and offers emergency food hampers to individuals referred by social service agencies.
    Contact: (604) 602-0186


  • Three Bridges Community Health Centre
    Primary Care, Youth Only Hours, Prevention Services for Youth, Home Detox, Methadone Program, Needle Exchange and Counselling.
    Contact: (604) 714-3480
    301-1290 Hornby Street
    Vancouver, BC V6Z 1W2

  • The Lookout Emergency Aid Society
    The purpose of the organization is to provide non-judgmental, non-sectarian services to adult men and women who suffer from a wide variety of problems including: mental illness, chronic alcoholism, drug addiction, mental/physical handicaps, chronic health problems, including HIV/Aids, legal issues or those unable to cope.
    Contact: (604) 255-0340

    Victoria Resources

    Below is a list of resources that could be useful for anyone Homeless in Victoria, British Columbia. Compiled by Homeless Nation September 27, 2007.


    Streetlink Emergency Shelter
    +95 beds; co-ed; food; infrastructure & laundry
    Contact: (250) 383-1951
    1634 Store Street, Victoria
    Streetlink website

    Salvation Army Addictions & Rehabilitation Centre
    +21 beds; men only; no pets; laundry; open 24/7
    10 day stay with extension up to 30 days @ discretion
    Contact: (250) 384-3396
    525 Johnson Street, Victoria

    Sobering and Assessment Centre
    +20 beds; existing client base; regulations exist
    Contact: (250) 213-4444 (24 hr line)
    1125 Pembroke Street, Victoria

    For Women

    Sandy Merriman
    +25 beds women only
    Contact: (250) 480-1408
    809 Burdett Ave., Victoria

    For Youth

    Victoria Youth Empowerment Society
    +10 beds youth co-ed (regulations exist)
    Contact: (250) 383-3514
    2117 Vancouver Street, Victoria

    Y Outreach Van
    Douglas & Yates 6pm 7 days a week
    + Various inner city locations
    Provides Hot Chocolate & Sandwiches to those under 25 years old
    Street Nurse available with van

    Drop-in Centres

    Our Place Society
    Daytime Drop-in only - No Beds
    Contact: (205) 385-2454 or (250)883-7762 (cell)
    711 Johnson Street, Victoria

    Native Friendship Centre (Saanich EWP)
    Daytime Drop-in only - No Beds
    231 Regina Avenue, Victoria
    Contact: (250) 384-3211


    The Upper Room
    Meals and more.

    Monday thru Saturday
    Lunch Served - 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.
    Dinner Served - 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.
    Contact: (250) 388-7112
    919 Pandora Avenue
    Victoria, B.C., V8V 3P4

    Blanshard & Yates 7pm Downtown Fri & Sat
    + Various inner city locations
    Food and hot beverages for anyone who asks

    Vancouver St. and Pandora St.
    Sunday 3pm Wholesome Vegetarian Meals

    Mustard Seed Street Church
    Food Bank M-W-F 9am-2pm for families, Thursday only for couples and singles
    Contact: Tel: (250) 953-1575; E-Mail:
    625 Queens Ave.
    Victoria, V8T 1L9

    First Metropolitan Church
    932 Balmoral Rd.
    Roast Beef Dinner Friday before Welfare Wednesday

    Miracle Church
    Pembroke & Belmont
    5 pm Thursday nights


    The Victoria Cool Aid Society
    Contact: (250) 383-1977
    #102-749 Pandora Ave.

    Anawim House
    Daily Lunch Mon to Sat
    Drop-in 10am-5pm Mon to Thurs
    Wed & Fri 10am – 8pm Dinner served 4pm
    Drug and Alcohol Free environment with long-term residence for up to 6 adults
    Free laundry, showers, and clothing.
    Contact: (250) 382-0283
    973 Caledonia Ave.

    Medical Assistance

    VIHA Street Nurses
    Provides nursing services and referrals for Sobering and Assessment Centre
    Contact: Tanya (250) 361-7056 or Kris (250) 480-8967
    1125 Pembroke Street

    AIDS Vancouver Island
    1601 Blanshard Street
    Needle Exchange and Health Care Clinic
    Contact: (250) 384-2366 or (800) 665-2437 (toll free)

    Legal Services

    Victoria Legal Aid
    Intake Monday to Friday 9am to 12:30pm
    Contact: (250) 388-4516
    #200 - 747 Fort Street
    Victoria, B.C., V8W 3E9

    The Law Centre
    3Fl-1221 Broad Street
    Victoria, B.C., V8W 2A4
    Contact: (250) 385-1221

    Internet Resources

    Victoria Steering Committee on Homelessness



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