Violent Rich in hospital

2006.08.02 - 7:45 AM

Hi there, this is Richard's mother, Richard was hit by a minivan last night while walking home and is in the hospital. It looks like he may be there for a while, so he wanted me to simply tell everyone on this site that he will be back soon.


Roach on 2006.08.02

Get well soon Violent Rich... hope you'll fix yourself quickly dude. Hang in there.


Anonymous on 2006.08.02

Send along our best wishes to Rich and we hope he will be well soon. He'll be missed!

And thank you for sending along the information.

John on 2006.08.02

i hope you won't be stuck in the hospital for too long.

Ange on 2006.08.02

Hope you get better soon and don't have to stay in the hospital for too long.
Keep in touch with your progress
your in our thoughts.

YouareAsyouare on 2013.12.01

I am looking forward to its return. I guess that is the thing we should be anticipating here on end. - Larry Starr Sarasota

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