Full Circle

2010.03.30 - 4:26 PM

So I have come in a geographical circle of sorts. I moved away from an area of town that became my self imposed prison of drugs and hate to rediscover my self and change my world and life for the betterment of myself. Now that I have had the wonderful oppurtunity to experience life in all its beautiful glory and had the chance to build wonderful new memories on top of the horrid old ones in this area of town I now reside in, I find myself at peace with the choice i made to move back there. I share the space I live in with the most amazing,beautiful woman that I have the honor of calling my girlfriend, and i have the best career I could have ever asked for. The not so strange part of this tale is that only six short years ago I was in the depths of heavy addiction, homeless, and hopeless. And through the help of those that would not give up on me, I pulled my socks up high and got serious about life because I came to realize that this is the only life that I know about right now and I only get one chance at it. So today, I choose life for all that it is worth. And I choose to live it sober.


mavie44 on 2013.08.26

I have come to realize that my life is like a circle, with a routine everyday that never runs out. No beginning and no end, circling like air nothing to worry but my God and the things around. - Mallory Fleming

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