Darkness Dawns On A New Day

2010.02.13 - 12:03 AM

Floating on a stream of poison,
Denying all forms of reason or logic.
Conflicted points of view toward reality war inside.
The cross country trip of expectations set too high.
Loathing all the truth that shows its ugly face;
Lies seem to be the only way to hide.
The decent thing to do would be borderline genocide….
Decide between what is real and what the voices insist on is reality.
Valkyries screaming!
The Gods of Kaos return to claim their prize from The Babes of Man,
Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve are cast away like dust in the wind.
To find distant shores of redemption upon which to lay their sins…
But who decides the edicts and moral code on which moral fiber is based?
Crying like a wolf caught in a hunters trap,
Chewing its leg off to save itself lest it bleed to death or be eaten itself.
These are the things of the world.
Blissful ignorance is the blanket of innocence...
Which condones the blood of the dull witted,
To be spilled by those who would take the advantage if given the opportunity.

…………Hope springs eternal to the blind.

Terrance Sim


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