Nuit des Sans Abris

2009.10.05 - 6:21 AM

Alright folks, after a resonable leave of absence from the activist field I'm jumping back in with both feet. I'm going to be the resident loudmouth (or as they like to say spokesperson) for la Nuit des Sans Abris. This year's program is packing a political punch as we are reclaiming a national policy on homelessness. No more quick fix one year funding programs we want to know that our governement is bound by policy to help thoses who need it the most.

So press conference on OCT 12 I'll give you details on the place as soon as I know.

the event itself will be at 1710 Beaudry on Friday the 16th 6pm to 6am. If you are in the city I hope to see you there.

Alex (a.k.a. Gadget) Berthelot

It's Right to Rebel
On a raison de nous révolté


gadget on 2009.10.05

For more info on the event visit

It's right to Rebel!!
On a raison de se Révolté!!!

anya on 2009.10.05


gadget's back on the map folks! that's a goooooood thing!
right on brother, good to hear from ya!


jhock on 2009.10.05

great to to see ya back Gadget...JH

CarmeloMerc on 2013.11.05

Anything that you have to that could really be a great way for the success of that event would really mean so much to you, no need to worry about what will happen because you already know who holds the future. - Lindsay Rosenwald

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