• SYJA Successfully Secured Funding Dollars

    We are pleased to announce that SYJA has successfully secured the funding needed to continue operations!!!

    I want to thank everyone who supported us in providing letters of support, moral support and more....

    I especially want to thank all the SYJA youth who have shown amazing patience throughout the past months...we could not have kept the show going without your committment and support!

    We will be providing updates along the way as we begin planning the future of SYJA for another 10 years and more!!!

    Program Manager

    2006.10.04 - 02:50 PM
  • Update on SYJA (Street Youth Job Action)

    SYJA continues to seek alternate funding. We've been busy gathering letters of support from all our contract partners and will be delivering them to our MLA this Friday at his request to advocate on our behalf.

    (And thanks Gadget, your letter of support is also included)

    We've been talking with various organizations in Vancouver to secure bridging dollars...hopefully we will see postive outcomes before too long!

    As many of you are aware our funding ends August 31st. Family Services of Greater Vancouver has extended my contract to the end of September to allow more time to secure funding and keep the contracts rolling all the way into we're not done yet!!

    2006.08.09 - 11:20 PM

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