• RICH!!! (yes you, violent rich)

    hey rich, when you read this, please email me..its quite important..i hope you havent left montreal yet!!!

    2006.07.07 - 09:04 AM
  • tips...

    Refrain from panhandling in front of post offices. Postal employees are insane and usually heavily armed.

    Remember that the 3 most important marketing factors to maximize your panhandling income are: Location! Location! Location!

    Stakeout a particular street corner as your home base. People will begin to become familiar with you and start giving as they pass by on their way to work.

    Never urinate on your street corner. Go to your competitor's street corner to pee. People will think he did it and not give him a handout. By the time they get to your corner they will feel guilty and give money to you.

    2006.07.06 - 08:31 PM
  • r.i.p

    I am still consumed by your words through this changing life
    My hope and wonder gets me through the night
    Your heart and desire for happiness
    pushes me on through a world of bliss
    With everyday, I will not forget
    To me and the world, what u meant
    But for some teaching your ways makes no sense
    Those ignorant will soon learn of what u possess
    A mind so strong, a heart so bold
    Trying to change this world to warm from cold


    2006.07.06 - 08:47 AM

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