• Paradigm Shift

    The world I had formally belonged to is gone. Stress, anxiety, depression, and anger filled my new world. I had forgotten how to be a part of this former world.

    2010.04.05 - 07:50 PM

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woforgiveness on 2010.03.29

I sat today with a friend and organized my thoughts as to where I go from here. Like many days before this it seems bright, like I am on my way. I am not so naive to think I won't loose this train of thought. I am confident though that I will not loose it for long. I will not have to begin again but only remember where I left off.

Chris Aung-Thwin on 2010.03.29

Welcome to Homeless Nation! It's good to have you on the site.

Pianoman on 2010.03.31

8-) hope faith and courage 2010 and above !

jhock on 2010.04.07

thanks for sharing on the sight...Your right about living through the bad times to fully appricate the good ones...Bless it Be...ONeLOve..JH

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