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    It is a universal known fact that music is loved by every one. With different genres heard over the radio or played on personal music copies via CDs DVDs, and the like, each one has his choice.

    2009.11.09 - 02:09 AM

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Anonymous on 2009.11.09

Nov. 9, 2009...
You just got here?
I'm gonna beat Chris to the draw and be the first to welcome you, OK?
And don't pay that anonymous guy [or girl] no mind, they say "never" to everybody that comes here.

jhock on 2009.11.09

hello,welcome to the sight,I noticed your in Vancouver.Would be great if you could make a workshop we hold on Fridays at 1.30@the Gathering Place...feel free to email me for more info..cheers..JH

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