• Maybe Some Day You'll Grow Up (Anti-Faux-Punk Manifesto)

    We can only hope so. It’s seemed very evident to me that most people claiming to belong to some musical social sect are nothing more than bad photocopies. Where is our once highly touted individualism? I hear that Hot Topic will sell it to you for less than a 100$. Now let's see if we can't make our formal declaration against this. So curtains up, let's get this dog and pony show on the road.

    Time to step up to the plate.


    Anti-Faux-Punk Manifesto

    Too stupid to come up with something clever?

    2006.09.01 - 05:39 PM
  • Back Tracking

    I'm in the midst of taking my three other blogs and rewriting them for homeless nation.

    Until then, here's a few photos.

    And for those who like country music. Here's a nice link

    Sincerely, Aerosol

    2006.08.23 - 06:33 PM
  • Writers Block and Photos

    Where does one start a story? I have always found such an endevour to be a problem. I spend so much time thinking about the ending of things, I always seem to miss the moments that could be the start of something. It's the same with writing, usually to the point where I sit a a desk for a couple of hours before deciding to shitcan the whole thing.

    When it actually does turn over, like some engine that hasn't seen a road since 1984, I usually grasp at tangents and run until there are a myriad of story driven ribbons trailing behind me. After that it's just a matter of cutting the ribbons. To pick and choose, those which I'll include, and those I'll say were bad ideas. Much like everything else I do.

    2006.08.23 - 04:39 PM


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gilles elie on 2009.09.18

WE can talk, I think. We have the same passion. I have the project to make a movie about est-vancouver. I need contacts with people. Together, we are stronger. It s a work. A work without money for the moment. But, we can try. I have a little (little beat)of experience and some (a lot) talent. SO, let s talk.

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