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Chris Aung-Thwin on 2008.11.03

Welcome to Homeless Nation!

irish on 2008.11.11

Do you know any good camps ? I am thinking of coming and getting away from this Vancouver sence

Malcolm on 2008.11.13

John Luton , what is your position on promoting funding for activities for underprivileged children ?

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I remember sitting down outside the hall at Sylvan Acres , which is a christian camp on Vancouver Island . I don't like to admit it , but I played the air drums on a few tracks of Police Syncronicity Album during the lipsyncing event .

Some horny teens got busted for "PDA" and had to endure public humiliation consisting of failure . The offenders were made shave balloons covered in shaving cream that , if they did not pop , were purposely popped by a staff member standing nearby with a pin .

Marietta Crofton didn't get busted for "PDA" when she sat down next to me and put her arm around my shoulder to comfort me . She was an angel of mercy to a child who was living a difficult and confusing life .

Marietta's father, who owned the pulp mill in Crofton, was running for premier of the province . Being a tycoon , he had to be both progressive and conservative .

Marietta drove me to her home , in a smaller sized pickup truck , where I saw horses and tennis courts in a ranch like setting .

Marietta had a boyfriend (I can't remember, but I think that they were engaged) , who worked at BCSC (British Columbia Systems Corporation ) as a computer programmer . There , I played an archaic D&D game , I am almost positive that it was ROGUE .

Marietta never used my life for any political purpose , she was a truly caring woman who wanted to cheer me up and make me feel better .

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