• So the upper class could sleep

    Hey guys.
    got a place in west lodge in Toronto,
    got a new puppy that brings my dog count up to two.
    Delilah Girl and Fonzie Bear

    me and my old boyfriend might be getting back together...

    2009.11.30 - 02:23 PM
  • The Keep Anya COALITION.

    Greetings fellow Homeless Nation users,
    today Im here to discuss someone very near and dear to my heart.
    whom I learned recently lost her job here at homeless nation,
    Im talking about Anya.

    2009.06.05 - 07:03 PM
  • We all fall one by one.

    So last week a very close friend of mine passed away...
    when he was on the streets he was using heroin...

    2009.05.04 - 10:29 PM

Comments About You



Chris Aung-Thwin on 2008.07.22

Welcome to HN!

Ngai on 2008.07.28

"Keep Your Coins. I Want Change." I like that.


anya on 2008.08.07

hey lady!!! good to have you on the site keepin it real... montreal is definetely being slowly taken over by police fascism, but there's still hope yet!!! if you stick around for a couple weeks you'll be here for the Festival d'Expression de la Rue on the 19-20-21st august, a downtown festival for street with workshops, free food, and free shows! it'll be good, so try and hang in there! see you around!

anya on 2008.08.15

Hey girl!
How ya doin?
Hangin' in there?

shinobi on 2008.09.11

what's wrong with my video lol

anya on 2008.12.02

Hey Lady!!!
What's up? we haven't heard from you in so long. where are you?
Power is given only to those who dare to lower themselves and pick it up.

Anonymous on 2009.03.19

You told your heart out, didn't you?
Your 'about' is the most revealing I've seen so far. EXCELLENT!
I was just cruising the site and took a fork that lead me here.
I hope everthangs chillin' in your world.

Row, Roll, Row yer boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily
Life is but a DREAM.
So be your own hero.

Amanda.Crust on 2009.03.28

Hey mon, me and my boyfriend kramer are going to move up to montreal this week or next until July. you've been out and about there am i right?

whats it like there? and wheres places i should and shouldnt go?
im kinda stoked but kinda nervous at the same time.. its a brand new place that i know absolutely nothing about.. bleck!

Hutt on 2009.10.26

Hey, thanks.

Punk Rock is Freedom

Hutt on 2009.11.04

Shit, I'd love to head to Toronto, but I don't think I'm heading anywhere this winter, might just find a place to stay for a bit and shit, I dunno.

christie81 on 2014.06.15

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