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Barb_Northwood on 2008.06.26

Peace is possible.

Barb_Northwood on 2008.07.02

Hello Rose - Good to hear from you. I am imagining you all every day on the walk - and holding you in the Light.

I posted photos of your beginning at Mile 0 in Victoria to a facebook photo album - this is the address:

(At least I hope it is - sometimes I don't always get it right - my facebook account is Barb Northwood and the album is called Walk4Justice)

I hope that all the photos show the respect I have for all of you and the support that I feel for what you are doing.

There is also a picture of the poster I painted in the album - we have scanned it and it can be put of a pdf file (I don't know what that means - but the person who scanned it said that way it is easily transferable via computer)or however you would like it.. If the photos are of use you to, please use them too.

I am thinking of you and everyone on this journey. Please say hello when you can and say where you are and how it is going. That would be greatly appreciated.

In kindness,

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