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BIRD on 2008.12.14

theres a difference between sharing your place with people who actually need it and are going thru hard times versus scumbags who just want to leech off you and take advantage of you and your stuff at your expense-i take it if u lost ur place then it is more of a case of the latter-real friends who appreciate what u do 2 help them would not be so selfish to do things to leave all of u out on the street! been there done that wanna kill the greedy parasites for it-no remorse, will just go on and look for a new "host" to prey on

BIRD on 2008.12.14

your safety 1st u dont owe anyone a place 2 stay they owe it 2 theselves 2 go find help 4 themselves-was anyone running up 2 u offering to supply u with everything? naw i think u had 2 go out and find and get it urself right? why cant they? u owe it 2 urself 2 keep urself safe-these are adults not helpless children and ur not their parent (projecting my own sick cycles i got into see this happen waaay too much)-its not helping u when u wind up homeless too!

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