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potentialterrorist on 2008.06.14

im in toronto now, jules and i split up. but i found someone else to travel with and we're planning on going to bc in a month.

DeStRoY on 2008.06.30

hey oui jva bien jreste a verdun ma donner mon email réécris moi :P

Synth on 2008.08.10

I am sticking around.
Im picking up a welfare cheque on the 20th? i think.
i have an appointment on the 15th to find out if i got it or not.
and right now im staying at Passage.
I dont know.. sleepin out doors isnt horrible but i hate the possibility of being woken up by the cops in Viger. atleast here i get awesome fuckin food, a bed to sleep in.. Oh and the best part.
Showers.. Because i deffinitly need em haha.

bryn on 2008.09.19

is this anya from aux vivres? im bryn the baker guy...

Libre et Autonome on 2008.09.24

Salut Anya et merci pour le mot de bienvenue... Je suis pas capable de mettre une estie photo sur mon profil, il y a toujours un message qui me dit que ce n'est pas une image ce que j'essais de mettre. Pourtant c'est un truc en jpg ?

bryn on 2008.09.24

it is small.

me,beth(partner) and two kids are in east vancouver. she is in school, im working as a baker and i coordinate/cook a saturday breakfast shower program for folks.

besides all that just living life trying to help the fight.. you know.

laurence on 2008.09.27

saluté c est laurence de sherbrooke j aurais besoin de te jaser d un projet je suis a Lyon en France ça bouge pas mal ici marie eve a mon mail
hasta luego

bryn on 2008.09.29

the meal program is called morning star. it is on sat at the collingwood neighbourhood house. they open the showers, have clothes, and i cook a meal. all and all its a good program.

Pianoman on 2008.10.09

Bonjour! Hi!

It a real plaisur for me also!

From blainville in my little rent. So next time i'll pass in montréal. maybe?

8-) best wich for hope faith and courage !

thedevilzcutie on 2008.10.15

hey :) how are you

marie-pipi on 2008.10.30

salut!! plein de soleil pour toi!!

marie-pipi on 2008.11.26

comment ca va? ca fait un boute ke jt'ai pas vue..
jai vue une patch de homeless nation qui vehiculais, cé cool.
j'ai un feeling kon va ce voir aujourd'hui, fake a tento!

Libre et Autonome on 2008.11.28

Trop cool le vidéo sur Tremblay qui se fait huer ! Bravo à toi, ça fait du bien de voir ça !

THE_DUDE on 2008.11.29


THE_DUDE on 2008.12.02

maybe we have met you never know, brandon is allright i guess lots of friendly folks it's almost scary in away but it kool, what is a blog?

anya on 2008.12.02

A blog is mumbo jumbo for writing something that you post on the website so other people can read it and answer if they have something to add. It's a way to express some thoughts or reflexions you might have about life, what you've been through or what's going on now... like for example; why is Brandon kinda scary??? i spent the night there once years ago so i can only guess...

Power is given only to those who dare to lower themselves and pick it up.

dabrothalc on 2008.12.09

hey how it going up there

stephanebeaucage on 2008.12.10

oui ca va bien mait rossy je lait pas vue mait oui a va super bien

Rossel on 2008.12.12

Hey, I just I wanted to know if you got my message yesterday; just to know if it worked. I was really long.

Rossel on 2008.12.12

Woups, I mean "it" was pretty long.

shinobi on 2008.12.23

tu l'enverras ici au pire! J'vais presque pu au centre de jour astheure. merci

stephanebeaucage on 2009.01.08

allo toi ca va bien tu veux apeller chez moi

stephanebeaucage on 2009.01.08

aalo ont prend un cafe biento

grandmachona2 on 2009.01.09

how do I get into the chat line, when I am logged in I don't know how to talk to others on line.thanks

mowgli on 2009.01.15

ya im in sault ste marie i hate thiz place i dont care if itz cold im out and in mtl soon (too soon).

mowgli on 2009.01.15

you got me on thiz shit i 4got about it

fraggle on 2009.01.19

Things are alright. Still fighting the good fight.
Hope all is well for you
better to die on your feet then live on your knees

Pianoman on 2009.01.22

It was such a good meeting today!


À la prochaine Anya

8-) best wich for hope faith and courage !

Synth on 2009.01.27

Im alive, and just wrote a new blog with an update on my life,
thanks so much for your concern :)

Synth on 2009.01.29

thats awesome Anya!
Yeah im starting to get involved.
In a few weeks i start working at Youthlink innerCity to help streetkids get off the street, and counselling them and stuff...Since i finally gotmyself off the streets,and workin a job all that jazz.

I really want to play streetfest!!! that would be awesome.

I also record at a drop in in Toronto,thats where all our stuff is recorded..
infact im at the dropin "Sketch" right now to record again...
were getting better copies of our songs up and shit
so that will be good.
awesome hearin from you Anya,
Keep in touch lovey.
Id really like to get more involved.
and if you decided to haul ass to toronto, let me can crash at my place as long as you like.

-Synth :)

Synth on 2009.02.05

Thanks for participating in the facts portion of my blog,
Now i think we should keep the trend alive,
tag others.
tell them to share random facts about themselves so everyone on the website could perhaps learn a little bit more about eachother!

marie-pipi on 2009.03.11

comment ça va ma belle?

on vivra peut-être pas vieux mais on va veiller tard!

stephanebeaucage on 2009.03.20

et toi mans douce

Anonymous on 2009.03.29

Row, Roll, Row yer boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily
Life is but a DREAM.
So be your own hero.

Anonymous on 2009.03.29

Are you a student of Bakunin also?
How 'bout Emma?
Please visit;

Thanks for your work.

Amanda.Crust on 2009.04.01

we definatley should!
well, me and the husband are having a confusing relationship right now, he was supposed to come down today and when i called the drop-in he's at he told them to tell them he wasnt there.. wich is retarded.

but were SUPPOSED to be comming down in the next few weeks, so im sure we'll be around for it.
wheres it at exactly?

anya on 2009.04.02

Wow, yur HUSBAND??? well, i don't hear that very often... hope things work out.

the show is on the 8th of may (friday) and it's at katacombes... ask around yull find it. As soon as we get the poster made, we'll post it EVERYWHERE!!!
can't wait to meet ya!
p.s. is synth coming???

Power is given only to those who dare to lower themselves and pick it up. -Bakunin

scaryclown5978 on 2009.04.08

''la charité bien ordonnée commence par soi-même'' what does that mean
PEACE,LOVE,HAPPINESS, what we all need!!!!!!!

anya on 2009.04.09

it means ''well ordered charity begins with one's self''

hope that can help a little. it means take care of yourself honey... and good luck.

Sometimes when your sorting things out it can be really hard. take it. it's part of the process.

you have to strip down to bare bones and then reconstruct your ego, being aware of your frailties and your faults.

it pays off in the end, and at some point you might come accross a situation which will bring out the warning signs: ''wait a minute, i've dealt with this before, BADLY' and then maybe you'll sit back, and think about how you can do things differently, and that's a wonderful thing...

keep me posted,


Power is given only to those who dare to lower themselves and pick it up. -Bakunin

scaryclown5978 on 2009.04.09

I will keep you informed and take my time so that I make the right decision that little phrase that you translated I think really will help.
I have left to find myself if I comeback before I return keep me here.

karo-lynn2 on 2009.04.12

Salut. Je le fais sans même réfléchir. J'aime vraiment ça quand on réussi à se parler avec du bon sens pis du respect. On se comprends mieux dans ce temps-là!

Salut Anya. À plus :)

WASTE on 2009.05.10

Im pretty sure I missed an awesome show. :( UGGGG! You know, Ive never been to Montreal! Im gonna head out there someday.

Pianoman on 2009.05.28

Hello dear

How is everething these day

Bonjour anya

8-) best wich for hope faith and courage !

Synth on 2009.06.05

I started the Keep Anya Coalition
i dont know what it will do,
but i really hope its gonna get shit done.
i hope you have a great trip to england.

cost on 2009.10.01

hey anya
got good news!
we can goto the lab fridays
and edit with all sorts of
cool gadgets
+ we can rent a camera free
only pay 5$ for the film
let me know when your up for it, stop by!!!! ill be back in the dungeon at 7

anya on 2009.10.05

o my om y o my!
damn grrl yur good!!!

can't wait...
right now i'm chillin' in the counrtyside, but i'll be back in town...
gotta pump up the jam y'know what i'm sayin!)
so see ya in a bit!

p.s. say hiya to yur irishman fer me!

cost on 2009.10.05

hey, funny we are here the same and the irishman are fini!! cant catch me or the irishman at the dungeon as of today. right now im at my sisters house, looking for a place to live! call me when your in town 5142907004..excited to do some wicked shit!!!

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