• working class stiff

    i'm a workin class stiff haha. i got a temporary job working carpentry for 10 fucking dollars an hour, usually i'd say" why the fuck would i work for less than i could fly a sigh for" but i can't bcuz money is shitty as fuck right now and it too damn cold. so i'm taking a temp break from being a bum for the next 4 weeks. besides its cool job, i'm working in a crew of a bunch of my friends so it makes work seem light. i'm having an out body experience hahah

    2007.01.29 - 06:37 PM
  • good booze good friends

    i made it to montreal and spent a week there really sick. how do ya like em apples? i'm in ottawa for the holidaze. as far as i have planned.. gettin drunk. catchihng up a lot of lost time with goood old friends. thats about the best of a time i can think of right now

    2006.12.22 - 06:11 PM
  • no place to call home

    I gotta get out of toronto. I'm coming to montreal. Miss the cheap beer and poutine. this one thought keeps slightly haunting my mind and i think its kinda the curse of being a traveller. I started travelling cuz besides seeing the country,I wanted to find a city that I could actually manage to live in,and actually like, not just tolerate. I'm from ottawa so i figured anywhere would be better. but I'm realizing now that iIget tired of a city really fast and just keep moving onto a new place.i'm running out of cities. Its always nice to come back but after a short time the nastalgia wears off. I love toronto but its wearing on me. Guess thats just the life of a nomad. No where is really home.

    2006.11.30 - 02:39 PM


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