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risinspirit on 2008.04.04

hi nic how are you doing

risinspirit on 2008.05.13

The word, the devil

The devil is an invention of the religions and a wrong belief, only
God exists.
There is no devil, there are only illuminated beings who make believe
that they are God or the devil. It all depends about whom you are praying to; the entity
will impersonate the one to which you have addressed your prayer.
The only devils are the men who love war.
The religions have devised the devil to keep humankind in fear
and in an appalling state so as to better individualize people and to control mankind
and to be sure that man never discovers his true nature which is to be
There is neither paradise nor hell when you die.
Paradise is here and now. It is to reach a level of divine
consciousness where you can recognize that you are all that is.
Divine law is within you, it is engraved in your DNA,
you know intuitively all that is wrong.
To make war is madness and a crime against humanity.
Intuitively we are going toward peace, harmony and love.
Concerning hell do not search for it, you already are in it , it is the physical
and material world.
God and Its angels live in the non physical realms and It
manifests Itself only to those who live while respecting the commandments that Jesus
gave us.
To meet the gods you must be a being of
light and the only way is by helping others.
You are a natural ambassador for peace in this delightful
Choose peace and love then you will meet paradise.
Do not allow yourself to be incorporated inside the matrix.
Politicians are only puppets of the power elite which seeks to
enrich itself at the expense of the people.
It is only while you are vibrating from love that the miracle can happen.
The Creator and you are only one and the same thing.
The one who enjoys evil will be condemned.
The one who hates gossip frees himself/herself from evil.
Never report on what has been said to you and you will never be hurt.
There is a silence which tells the wise man.
The wise being loves silence.
Fear of the Lord is a proof of wisdom.

The word
The word is a sacred gift which comes from God. It is useful to
healing. Each thought produces an energy wave which travels
around the universe.
Each word is magical and sacred. Do not use the word to
harm or to wound.
Negativity is a self-destructive elixir of the being that you are.
With each word of love and or hope, you get closer to the true
you and the more positive you are, the more your word shall influence your
Please note that when you immerse yourself in negativity, you are cut from the
power of God and your word loses all its credit.
The word is divine; keep it pure because it becomes your destiny.
All creations are produced by the word and by your thoughts.
All of your inner thoughts are mirrored on your outer self.
What you are living within you mirrors the reality in which
you are living. Everything is a matter of belief.
The universe is listening to all of your thoughts and builds up the reality in which
you live from your belief system.
The word as a matter of fact is a gift from the holy ghost because it gives life to
Never send words of hate for whatever it is.
All words of love or of hate always come back to us multifold.
Be careful with the thoughts that you emit to the universe.
The fate that you wish other people will have is what you will get for yourself.

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