Hey HN, I am now in Vancouver for good. I wanna work with you guys. I was wondering how I could go about doing that?


    2010.05.03 - 06:14 AM
  • Back to Van

    Well here's an update for ya'll:

    I graduate from University in June.
    Moving back to Van by April 19th.
    Got engaged.
    Getting married on Halloween.

    2010.03.21 - 09:01 AM
  • VOIDED37

    Hey, I know we only talked for a bit. But I miss seeing you on here. dont really come on here all the time, but one thing for sure, I like your attitude.

    2010.03.16 - 01:04 AM

Comments About You



CRAZYKID666 on 2008.05.24


chantal_yogi on 2008.06.12

HEEE HEEE,..i soo remember you now!!!!we grew up!!! too kool!!
talk to you soon

dabrothalc on 2008.11.20

nice pic

dabrothalc on 2008.12.01

hear from you soon

drewgan on 2008.12.16

booo yourself crazy lady;)

drewgan on 2009.01.13

hey stranger, how did horid holidays treat ya, still alive i hope

Pianoman on 2009.01.27


8-) best wich for hope faith and courage !

El Boliviano on 2009.01.28

Salut Saut coment ca va??? jespere tu tamuse bien sur ce site!!! fait attention a toi et donne moi de tes news :)


El Boliviano on 2009.02.04

hellow! excuse me for last time i dont now youre didint speak french!!! how are you??? i'm phil from quebec and i'm homeles during 5 years in the street of montreal quebec toronto and the usa !!! now i have stop that for new life and best trip!!! and i like talkin with you !!! i give to you my mail and write me !!!



Anonymous on 2009.02.11

Testing, testing, newb wish's to write on honey's wall. Cause she ain't no waste. She's 'WASTE'!
And friendly too.
Hey girl. Just gonna say "hi"! in a correctly modulated manner so you will know that I can play the 'normal' actor as well as anybody. You just need to look them in the eye deeply yet unthreateningly. And convince them of your sincerity. A good grifter, actor, con should know these things. And I do.
Just don't look too deeply into their "I". Cause then they realize your not acting. And most tend to freak out then. Cause their the one that's acting.
LOL! It's a beautiful world. Hope you are also...

Row, Roll, Row yer pot boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily
Life is but a DREAM.
So be your own hero.

drewgan on 2009.02.20

hey mang can u do me a favor?

scaryclown5978 on 2009.05.04

hello right back at cha chicka haha whats happenin. hope your good
I have left to find myself if I comeback before I return keep me here.

anya on 2009.05.10

you missed a really good show...
it was awesome.

Power is given only to those who dare to lower themselves and pick it up. -Doestoeivsky

Synth on 2009.06.05

i noticed anya was on your friends list.
recently homeless nation had to "let her go" because of budget cutbacks so ive started a blog called keep anya coalition and im urging people to voice theyre opinions on helping the creaters of homeless nation to see how important anya is to the community
if you could stop by the blog, or write a blog of your own expressing your thoughts and feelings, im sure anya would really appreciate it.
thanks so much

dabrothalc on 2009.06.23

WOW nice PIC

scaryclown5978 on 2010.02.12

hey long time no talk whats up??
I have left to find myself if I comeback before I return keep me here.

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