• # 1 Police Dog!!

    You know I was so excited to see on the news this moring that Vancouver has a police dog who was ranked number one in the whole country. And then I thought how sad is that.... Our police force in Vancouver is shockingly corrupt and legendary for abuse of power and brutality. And a dog won the award. What lessons can we learn from this? What can our human members of the VPD learn from this canine?

    2007.09.11 - 05:13 PM
  • not forgotten

    Unfortunatley I found out that 2 people I was close to on the street have died recently. It's the third death in a short time and I'm so sad it's hard to keep the tears back long enough to focus on studying-the reason I'm studying is to try and change all this, to make some sort of a difference. I feel helpless to stop the deaths right now. Funding for homelessness seems to be slowing evaporating and since the olympics bid all sense of humanity in this city is gone. Condos are being built all around us, people are obsessed with making money, and setting this city up for the olympics.

    2007.07.26 - 01:50 AM
  • More than 50, 000 children abducted

    There have been more than 50, 000 children that have been abducted into the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda. These children have been turned into child soldiers as young as 5 years old. They are tortured, forced to watch other children being murdered in front of them and are forced to kill others themselves. The LRA looks for children from ages 5-13 because they are the easiest to indoctrinate with their cause.

    2007.07.20 - 01:38 PM


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