• introvert?

    i'm staying at my dad's house right now, and he's having this barbecue. my house is full of people i don't know. i want to hide.

    2007.07.28 - 09:03 PM
  • Weird Al

    went to see Weird Al at the Capital X yesterday... it was sadly disappointing. too much video, not enough actual singing. he does these fake interviews in between the songs where he splices himself in with mariah carey or jessica simpson etc. it's really funny but it's not what i paid to see.

    2007.07.26 - 05:42 PM
  • i miss you vancouver

    after trying to find a place for my partner and i and our dog to live in vancouver with no success, i've come back to edmonton to take care of myself. being pregnant and homeless, you'd think we would be a high priority for someone but we weren't. skippy has now given little maybe to the spca and he's been adopted by someone with a big heart, because it's literally IMPOSSIBLE to find a place to live with a dog. i'm so sad and rundown and freaking TIRED OF PEOPLES BULLSHIT. there's gonna be a new life in this world, you'd think someone who has the power to help actually would've.

    2007.07.25 - 07:10 PM

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