• Zipper tattood face?

    Uhhh today might be interesting..
    Its my sisters birthday and i got to see here down here in ottawa,She gave me a ear ring thats a Zipper... shes trying to get me to pierce my lip with it then get a zipper pattern tattood down my chin.I personally think its a drastic idea for someting so reversable as a piercing.But anyway, I made it back to Snottawa Onterrible on teusday night, leaving on sunday was a bad fuckin idea. but i wouldnt of come back if it wern't for thereason that i was going back to school. I got acsepted to the Richard Pfaff alternative program and i was suppost to start monday but was stuck at Flyin' J's truck stop for 12-14 hours on sucked but hey thats how the dice rolls. So i missed my first two days and the school works on a 1-2-3 strikes your out and as of today i fucked up, woke up late then got kicked out. FUCK! so i'm train hopping instead. hope that goes better. and montreal, IM COMING BACK! then im back tracking to Kenora then to Van. if things go as planned.... but as you and i know, they never really do.

    2006.02.03 - 01:32 PM


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ghost on 2008.04.07

do u know ghost?

guimauve on 2008.08.13

hey ghost, did you hive me a novel a couple of years ago?

Chris Aung-Thwin on 2008.08.13


Gadget isn't currently working with HN... he's decided to move on and try a few new things. I think right now he is in the Gaspé working at a restaurant started by some of his friends. He'll be back in Montreal soon though - he's been accepted into the Sociology program at Concordia.

If we see him, I'll let him know that you were asking...

President-Choice on 2008.08.21

still mtrl yo
sleeping for fag

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