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Shloime on 2007.01.20

HI! I'm interested in knowing whether homeless people have priority in getting public housing in Montreal. Thanks!


Burf on 2007.03.08

hey roach c burf ya tu moyen de rajouter un kit ki fait que tu tape le nom de qqn pis que ca temmene a son blog ?? esti de pequenologie de merde ca purge kan cest trop compliqué quand tu es en etat de choc (pas gelé mais en calisse)pis esti comment ca que ma buddy list est pu la en tk tu me réecrira jai un acces a internet en ce moment chow brother

GODFATHERCLK on 2007.08.13


Hello there,im homeless here in Vancouver but not hopeless.
I volunteer here at the Gathering Place here in Vancouver,and have now worked here as a cafeteria worker for some five weeks now,and like to give me time to help.
Me passion:Playing the piano,here in the theatre you will most likely find me playing before and after me shift,i luv to tickle the ivorys,and encourage anyone who would like to come down to make some music,to make this place just a tad more lively(music jams are cancelled because of the strike so you have to bring an instrument in),i invite you and encourage you to come on down.Godbless.


James Albert Elliott

FreddieCrazyThi... on 2007.11.19

Old stuff new is coming soon.

Its okay I'm a newbbie . . . just started Blogg here somewhere near Seattle:

My Baby Girl (last fucked up Girlfriend Pam Coons)

11/17/07 09:30

I'm going to get kicked off this computer outta time miss you love you (Bremerton Library)

hold on I'm checking this out to see if you have forgiven me by putting me back on your email list. Nope you're still mad at me. I have mixed feelings about that.

New friend, Bob from Labor Ready weants to get going so we can get paid. Payout is now (17:00 or 5:00PM) So maybe be paid 25 to 30 bucks.

for gas for my little red turle S-10 Truck and about 10 bucks for a small bottle of Booze. Bob is upset since he got nailed is NOT allowed to drink. We have to go back to min wage job of stuffing newspaper for the Kitsap Sun.


more soon my new friends.

We can't stop homelessness but we can help fight it.

Someone, somewhere, near Seattle

rose on 2007.12.05

Trying to register to new users can't to get to their sites. Need Some help setting it up for them

Rock on 2008.01.24

How do you change your display name and how does the email work on here ??

BIRD on 2008.09.06

Hi wondering if I can do my volunteer hours keeping my resource page updated - i get an allowance from the Government to do this but i need to work through an official organization- who do I contact to find out if I can do/arrange this?



hey rock, whats "rock" sposed to mean? i hope not what i think.
Log in and go 2 "change profile" - its up top when u are on the page that says ur profile...if i remember correct

CeS on 2008.10.02

Je veux ajouter une ressource à la page ressource et ça ne marche pas. Savez-vous comment je peux le faire?

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