squats in the downtown east side

par smoke
2006.10.23 - 6:46 PM

the police are going to be there by high noon tomarow for the north star hotel on hastings to vacate and eradicate any one whome shall be in the squat and i think not baraceade the doors we have to protect the squat i think we should fight for squaters rights i think the queen shall be involved ask the crown take it to the qourts your alowed to squat in england so long as you have a signed document of the owner posted on the door thats dated ill be right be side you on that


jamescapoeira on 2006.10.23

Thx for keeping everyone informed Smoke! Keep spreading the word.


chikkymyth on 2013.12.24

Well, that is the way it is. Definitely, they are doing something to get it done. - Review Solution

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