Almost 1 year!

2008.10.15 - 5:09 PM

Well its almost been 1 year and the rewards have been huge! And I'm not talking about the material things because those come with getting clean but actually the internal rewards. I can wake up every morning and be proud of who I am and what I've done, I can accept my past and move on, I am actually happy (and for any that actually know me that in itself is a miracle!). Life is exactally that today, LIFE! For good or bad I don't ahve to escape into the haze anymore. And that is the biggest gift of all.


Janelle on 2008.10.15

so amazing! to hear you speak with your heart with such clarity...amazing! so proud of you.

nova on 2008.10.15

fucken eh t im proud of you youve come far

jhock on 2008.10.15

Good on ya Terrance...I can relate to what your saying about not having to escape into the haze anymore plus excepting yourself and moving on.Im happy for you...Blessings..JH

johnshantelle2008 on 2013.11.11

A year is very long that is why we must be very thankful for it. - Integrity Spas

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