2008.09.02 - 10:58 AM


Truth is like a slap in the face
It hurts sometimes but it grabs your attention.
Sometimes I don't want to acknowledge the truth around me,
Like life is what it is and nothing more...
Like people are suffering everyday and all people can do about it
is talk about like that is going to make a difference.
I am so sick of the way the world is running that I just want to go
somewhere else, somewhere far away...
But then what would that accomplish?
A random act of kindness a day keeps the darkness away,
Because life isn't always a bucket of rainbows,
Nor is it a sea of salt,
Life is everything that we put in to it;
Like the farmer that prays for rain for his crops
But forgets to till the soil and plant his seeds
And when the rain does come what will he reap?
What will you reap?
Plant your crops and pray.


Chris Aung-Thwin on 2008.09.02

"From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” – Arthur Ashe

jenny_foxie on 2014.05.13

The truth will surely set you free. That is just the thing that makes it better. - Lindsay Rosenwald

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