some coming activities...

par jhock
2008.06.20 - 10:48 AM

Hello...H/N. here are some events happening,maybe see ya at them:

"The Way Home" a documentary about homelessness will be played in the park tonight(fri.June20/08)Woodland Park(woodland and Adanac)at 8pm..By David Chudnovksy who should be on hand to answer questions after the filming..

National Aboriginal Day...June 21/08 @ Oppenheimer Park from 11am till 3pm.(this is also the kick off for the walk of justice that leaves from here to Ottawa)***Rose if you see this or got my e_mail plz let us know here at we can assist you in any filming for this day..

"GiantLeap"a documentary about how fast Gentrification happens once zoning changes.Focuses on Granville South and Fairview Slopes in Van.the showing is at Carnegie Center sat.June 21/08 @ 6pm.Flimmaker and JeanSwanson up for discussion after the film.

I think that this is something that could be amazing for everyones life..A chance to increase our own blessings by recongnizing them always.>>>>>>hyyp://

also a big salute to everyone out there...happy summer coming up..My Aim is to get as many people to sign up to the sight generate much activity here and dialouge and support.aslo to venture out more in the city to bring awarness of the sprawling homelessness and desperation of the high cost of living(look for upcoming docs about this)cheers to the great co-ordination and direction here @ H/N outreach crew in Van.blessings to all..even the tough challenges in my life are blessings cause it shows me the strengh of Love and the Power of Now..



Janelle on 2008.06.20

from one j to another.

thanks for posting your updates j. you are doing a great job, i look forward to the upcoming videos, i think we have some great stuff planned for the summer.


iambanned on 2014.05.01

The activities are going to be great. Everyone is getting their hands on in those activities. - Kris Krohn

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