How to Write a Blog

Writing a blog is easy!

Before creating your blog, you must first be logged onto the Homeless Nation website. If you haven't yet created an account you can register here.

To learn how to write a blog, follow the instructions below, or watch:
Video Guide: How to Write a Blog

Step 1:
Under Contribute (on the right side of any main page), click on: Write on your blog.

Step 2:
Now you will be on a page called, "Submit blog entry". This is where you will write your blog. Remember, it is important that you fill out each field or your blog may not appear correctly.

    You must:

  • Give a title to your blog
  • Select a location (which city you are in)
  • Choose the subject that appropriately describes what your blog is about

Step 3:
In the text box under "Body" you can now write your blog.

Step 4:
Look over all the required fields and your blog. If you think that everything is filled out correctly and you are also satisfied with what you have written, you can click on "Submit". A new page will now appear with the message "Your Blog entry has been created".

Congratulations on creating a blog!

Some helpful tips

  • Don't copy and paste text from other websites without giving the author credit.
  • Do keep it short. You might be submitting the best blog ever written, but chances are if it is too long, most people won't read it through to the end. A few hundred words is often enough.
  • Do make it easy to read. You should do something like divide your blog up into paragraphs and you shouldn't do something like write in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Do check on your blog regularly. People may have read it and left you questions or comments that you should try and answer.
  • Don't be disrespectful. You can use your blog to vent about a recent event, or an unfair law, but try to minimize personal attacks. If you just got into a fight with someone, don't use this space to rant about them and say things you might later regret. Remember, this site is all about building community and helping each other out. Any blogs with inappropriate content will be deleted and offending users may be blocked from this site.


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