Sheep, Snakes, Turtles and Slugs

2008.05.04 - 2:55 PM

Sheep, Snakes, Turtles and Slugs

Between the cracks of society we crawl like slugs,
Dirty, slimey, forgoton and alone.
We are nothing but food for those who prey on the weak.
The wolves who run amongst us are not at all meek,
They wait for us to fall away from the pack.
Weakened from lack of contact,
As they form their ideals of conquest and bloody revenge
we are swept away to a land of dreams and nightmares,
We welcome this descent into a chaos of sublime ecstasy because it
is so much easier to be a sheep.
Follow, follow, follow me down into a land of no options,
No values, no feelings;
And you'll want to stay because its so much easier than trying to
get away from what you can sense is very wrong....
Very wrong indeed?
But why would that be?
Could it have anything do do with that snake that whispers such
awful lies into your ears?
I am surprised you haven't pierced your eardrums to allievate
yourself the horror of listening to the lies!
But its so much easier to listen to lies,
To believe the lies...Than it is to actively search out the truth.
Like the majestic sea turtle we return religiously to seek out the
origin of the lies...
Only to be shown the wonders of the truth;
At which the fear creeps in because its hard to believe that the
answer to everything could be so simple.
But thats what truth is....SIMPLE!
It was never meant to be complicated.
Its was never meant to hard to understand beacuse that would void
the validity of the truth.
So seek out the truth.
Seek out the peace that comes with it...
Or forever question why the world around you is seeming to die.



prencessRed on 2014.04.22

They are God's given treasure. They should be protected against all odds. - Lindsay Rosenwald

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