How to Create an E-mail Account

Creating an e-mail account is easy!

First, make sure that you're a registered member of Homeless Nation.
Second, post a request for an e-mail account in the comments section below (just scroll down).
Third, sit back and relax while the hard working staff at HN creates your account.

(Unfortunately, e-mail accounts cannot be created instantaneously - you'll have to wait anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days before you can start sending and receiving messages. When your e-mail account is ready, you'll receive a private message to your profile page with all of your e-mail account information. Sorry for any inconvenience.)



Jamal on 2008.05.06

Can you e-mail me please.

brent_ d. on 2008.05.07

please make me an e-mail account.

Wayne S on 2008.05.29

Can you make me an e-mail account? Thank you

shrub on 2008.10.02

Please make me an email account. Thanks.

Chris Aung-Thwin on 2008.10.03

Shrub - please see your private messages inbox.

ThugLife_n_Victoria on 2008.11.15

create email please

rose on 2013.09.04

Take the risk Having a lot of trouble finding my email.

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