coming into my own..(a brief reflection)

par jhock
2008.04.28 - 12:48 PM

I have this incredible feeling of coming into my Manhood.You see i have learnt about abandonment issue's I suffered as a child...I had a single Mother who was raising me,working late into the evenings whcih meant that i had to be home alone(no siblings)and that creepy basement and the old monster under my bed.So now I can look back(and i give so much thanks for the support group im in because i can go back and ask myself some deep questions and the group there is too listen and give me postive feedback.Also im learning a lot about myself)Now it seems pretty silly thinking of the creepy basement and monsters under the bed but as a child it was very real and i had such a big imagination..So now as a adult i can go back to my childhood and give that comfort to the little me and also see myself as a wise Elder in the future.Also being clean and sober now for four months i have little anixety.Also i was a people pleasear because i was afarid of being alone,now im comfortable in my own skin,not feeling like i have to please everyone cause im not alone..So yeah im dealing with those Abandonment issues and making great connections and support from people and knowing not everyone is out to get me.The community is there i feel like im contributing to a healthy vibrant city,reaching out to peeps and showing dignity and respect cause i know thats how i want to be treated.I just encourage everyone to really know where the suffering comes from to connect with people friends family community and know your not alone,you dont need to impress people just be real with yourself and others.Peace.Love.Respect.



colinford on 2008.04.28

You are a good soul J. It takes an honest man to write what you have.

“Life, misfortunes, isolation, abandonment, poverty, are battlefields which have their heroes; obscure heroes, sometimes greater than the illustrious heroes”

Victor Hugo

Never a truer word spoken.


brett on 2008.04.28

Thanks for sharing, Jhock - hopefully this will help someone else!

Janelle on 2008.04.30

to look back is to move forward.

thanks for sharing j-hock. i am sure others will connect to this.

Lailacam021 on 2013.10.16

With all the experiences that you have found in your journey through the roads of the earth it is really better if you pause for a while and reflect. - Lindsay Rosenwald

Dion on 2014.04.24

You're great. This is life. Thank you for this reflection. debt ceiling

Dion on 2014.04.25

Thank you for sharing.

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