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par jhock
2008.04.24 - 12:11 PM

hello,i guess im not finding the sight very user friendly which explains why im not blogging as much(also a lot of the times i cant even get on too the sight..)however i know that we need movement here to keep this running ...so here it is...Ok i do like the sight for its calander events and the missing persons report and for making each city a direct link.Also realize that bugs and kinks are still being worked on so thanks for that crew.

I guess i need a fix of Fraggle's poem's(hit us up Fraggle,when you can of course i understand your a Momma and other things going on..but i do LOv those poems..)Also BlackBird,,,,give a hollar man..would really like to hook up with you and do a photo shoot and a interview if your reading this jhock@homelessnation.org or call 604-682-3269 Ext:3698<<<<<<<


NCAPCNCP on 2008.04.24

What's up with this?  Hi J, I know what you mean when you say the site is not user friendly, I just tried to post something and the damned thing wouldn,t let me do it for some stupid reasons.  It,s so frustrating, Things are getting pretty exciting out here for N.C.A.P. And the worst thing is I can,t even share it with our brothers & sisters on this site.  E-mail me at ncap01@gmail.com and let me know how things are with you please.  In solidarity  Daniel

brett on 2008.04.25

Hey guys - the site has been having some speed issues, not sure why, we're working on it. Please post other issues you're having as we're trying to figure it all out the best our volunteer schedules will allow.


country7895 on 2014.02.21

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prencessRed on 2014.04.22

The new blog is going to be good. I guess they all are impressed with something like this. - Lindsay Rosenwald

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