• Hello Everyone, If your a hippy check this out!!

    Hey everyone,

    2008.12.17 - 04:41 PM
  • Yo Check it out..

    Piggie Piggie

    Just for anyone walking down main street last night don't know if you saw this or not but here it is!! hahhahahahahhahahahhaa I'll smoke my weed and chill..
    Piggie Piggie 2

    Yeah Vancouver cops you are pigs and you know it!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! So if your reading this FUCK OFF!!!

    Puff.. Puff,. Puff... Puff... Puff.. Puff.. Puff.. Puff.. Thinking... Puff.. puff..

    2006.10.13 - 08:51 PM
  • Sitting Around Minding my own buisness and BLAM!!!

    Fuck COPS SUCK ASS.. I was sitting around minding my own buisness when all of a sudden sargent fuckoff and sargent fucknutz came walking around the corner. saw us and came straight to us I was like what the fuck. They came up was like wtf is your name.. I was like why do I have to give you my name, SARGENT FUCKoff said well you know if you don't we will beat you.. Then I sued them and got them kicked off the force.. (Yeah sure sure.. That's every homeless persons goal... Is to get the cops fired or at least just let the cops leave us alone.. so cops if your reading this page which alot of your probably do cause your all asses.. then maybe you should go harrass your own kids for awhile thier probably the ones that are getting the cops called on then you come around there gone and bam there we are smokinga joint so you figure look at those fuckers smoking a joint. fuck you I say.. cause when I was a contruction worker sitting down smoking a joint the cops didn't say shit.. why cause I was worth something to society in there minds.. So in my mind I think cops are just a legal gang.. well the in the DTES anyways.. and now these fuckin wannabe cops ("guardian Angels") running around ym neighborhoood fuckin around when is it going to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2006.09.23 - 01:56 PM

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