• une chambre pour un pauvre...

    les résidences de jean charest valent 2 056 800$ :

    un politicien québécois peut-il se permettre un tel luxe?

    il y a bien des rumeurs, des bruits de coulisses et des histoires de toutes sortes qui circulent dans le mouvement indépendantiste à l'égard des résidences de jean charest. certains soutiennent dur comme fer que le « chalet » de jean charest qui est situé à north hatley lui a été « donné » par d'obscurs décideurs fédéralistes en 1998 afin qu'il vienne au Québec briser les reins du gouvernement séparatiste de lucien bouchard. un pont d'or comme on dit dans le jargon.

    2006.10.23 - 07:10 PM
  • how long do gay marriages last?


    quantitative data on the length of gay/lesbian relationships is much harder to find, and not as numerous as data from those studies addressing heterosexual couples who are married. this is largely due to the fact that people in gay/lesbian relationships (in the U.$. at least) cannot legally marry, which means the government can't keep that same statistics on us as they do on heterosexual couples. in addition, a lot of the "information" found during a simple google search will produce results from anti-gay, anti-marriage, and even pro-gay-marriage groups pushing for certain legislation. many so-called studies by these groups give a single number for the length of gay/lesbian relationships without credible citations.

    2006.10.06 - 03:45 PM
  • fff

    Communism and Socialism are types of governments that try to keep people equal. These governments grow in popularity when human society is split into the two classes of have and have-nots; thus, a struggle in social classes cause a reformation in the government. Communism is a type of government where wealth and property are owned in common and production and labor are shared equally among the people. Socialism is the belief that the wealth of a country should be shared among all its citizens. Attributes like jealousy and power struggles lead to these governments.
    I personally believe these types of governments do not work in any society. These governments might even out economically but destroys other needed factors like diversity in religion, nationalism, ethnic loyalties, etc. I do not believe socialist ideas would prevail in the United States. People in the United States have different cultures, religions, and beliefs that would bring down anyone trying to make all the people happy. No matter how hard we try, we can not make everyone positive.

    2006.09.08 - 10:11 PM

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