• animals with always be treated like that

    i just got back from the circus and i really didn't like how the elephants were treated, they looked real unhappy, and we even saw them drinking there pee, they dressed up dogs as lions and whenever they tryed to shake off there costumes, they played some funny sound and made people laugh, i just didn't like it i no there isnt much we can do, i noticed there is no more lions, why is that, what laws changed that, why can't we go it with the elephants, there were even some lame kids protesting and there argument was the circus is full of asshole... wow, thats stuiped, what is going on?

    2007.05.07 - 10:50 PM
  • Chris Gardiner

    Chris is on *the hour* next sure to watch!

    2007.03.16 - 03:29 AM
  • Have you ever surfed on the trains engine???

    Me and my buddies have a sick ride to sud'z

    Done some things i would think few have dared to try..

    what are the crazyist train stories you have??

    2007.03.15 - 01:47 AM

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