• edmonton

    hi everyone I am in edmonton to show some of the films i made and to explain the homlessn nation project and see if I can find people who want to help us introduce the nation here and farther north.

    2007.08.04 - 11:05 AM
  • richard Boyce

    Homeless NAtion family
    i want to welcome Richard Boyce to the HomelssNation Outreach team he is focusing on the squat activism happening right now in Victoria, keep an eye open for his postings. it is great to open the nation to the island.

    Richard and I made a film THE STREET: a film with the homeless in 1996 we spent 6 years filming with our friends on the streets of Montreal near GUY Metro Station. i can vouch for you all that Richard is the best, biggest hearted, honest, and a most hard core activist person, you can trust him and work with him to express and deliver your opinons.

    you may recognise him as he rights a weekly Eco-enviro newspaper column protecting our forests and clean air.

    2006.10.27 - 01:51 AM
  • Victoria

    we will be starting to get active with the homless nation site in Victoria over the summer
    Richard Boyce will be hanging out eith his camera so help spread the word
    pretty some we'll be coast to coast , we just need o get newfoundland on line
    that will be sooo cool

    2006.06.03 - 12:30 PM

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drc on 2008.11.19

Great to see Alex / Gadget back helping with ATSA and Homeless Nation - welcome dude

drc on 2009.09.02

hI everyone
I am iat the World SummitConference on
internet excellence . Homeless NAtion is being recognized for its excellence. is being awarded as a world leader in

Congratulations to all the members for this excellent result

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