• Where did this come from?

    Suffering is all I know
    All I see is Jib and Snow.
    Mindless heartless zombies now
    Junkies wander aimlessly around
    No mind no heart seems like the life
    Robbing people with a double bladed knife.

    Davie Street is cold and dank
    My clothes are starting to get rank
    No shower for weeks,
    My future is bleak
    People stare as if I am the freak

    Vacant shops, alleyways
    I call home where my head lays.
    Cardboard bed is a luxury
    Makes you feel like royalty.
    Piss I smell, Rigs I see
    “you can’t stay here” the cops yell at me

    Vegabond describes me best.

    2008.03.23 - 04:21 PM
  • may as well be homeless

    I am not sure if it is getting to be the same everywhere, but here in Calgary, at the moment, it is seeming like a great depression is on it's way. I find that the more money i make, the more money you need to live "the normal life". Why is it that this part of the world seems to think that only the super rich can live comfortably, and anyone that makes under 40K/year struggles?

    2007.12.27 - 02:19 PM
  • any friendly advice?

    hey you all. Just your friendly neighborhood metalhead come to post some babble. I am having some trouble getting into the outreach field of work. Everywhere I go, it seems they want me to have the social worker course. Now, I am ok with the demands, since most of it has to do with youth, but I am also getting frustrated, because I thought that having 5 years of life experience would at least get my foot in the door.

    2007.03.08 - 01:04 PM

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HI there Yogi

chantal_yogi on 2008.07.09

you have to check delete this photo box....i think that helps!

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